Strange World Hits Digital December 23, Blu-Ray February 14

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<p>The general consensus on Disney’s Strange World is that it was a big miss. Audiences did not seem interested in the movie when it appeared in theaters last month, and there are several reasons being tossed around as to why: a quiet marketing campaign, the historical failure of animated sci-fi to generate interest, the fact that the movie itself has a confusing premise, basic character designs and a generic title. What it boils down to is the odds of this being the next Encanto are low.</p>

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Their promotion of this movie is really bad.This movie was a financial failure at the box office because it had so little promotion leading up to its release. They promoted the film solely on the basis of the fact that it was the first children's movie to feature a gay protagonist. I won't say the movie is terrible, but I will say that many conservatives stayed away from it. Lightyear suffered the same fate as the other characters because of the brief scene that caused the Bible-thumpers to go into Karen mode.


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The Homophobic republican media and the comicgaters even celebrates the failure of th of this movie. I know they want to add game characters on children's movies to make the kids less homophobic but they forgot that its the parents who buy the tickets. Paranorman is a children's movie with a Gay character but they never use him as a Mark3ting point. He was a surprise and it became well received.


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In addition to failing to adequately promote the film, Disney chose to release it during the FIFA World Cup. The majority of people in countries where football or soccer is a popular sport choose to watch the games on television instead of going to the movies during this time. It would appear that they intended for Strange World to fail on purpose. They hope it will fail so that the Woke mob will cease demanding LGBTQI+ representation.When I finally had the opportunity to view the first trailer for this film, I recall being completely captivated by it. I'm extremely disappointed that the film's marketing, and more alarmingly, Disney themselves, have botched it. The theater was empty except for me and a few Tinder daters when I went to see this film on the second day. This film appears to be a lot of fun, and I'm really upset that the marketing and, more importantly, Disney themselves are sabotaging it. I have a strong suspicion that Disney will pull a Treasure Planet with this film in order to shift their family films from theatrical releases to streaming services.

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Since Buzz Lightyear and Strange World were slated for release at the same time, I don't think Strange World was postponed. However, Disney started to worry about the future of Strange World when they realized the amount of harm and controversy that a single kiss scene for Buzz Lightyear had brought about. However, they decided that moving the release date up was the best course of action because the movie was almost finished, was due in just a few months, and they had already invested money in it.
Disney, I believe, wanted this to fail so that they could withhold it from their taxes. Even films shown on Disney Plus receive more pushing than this one. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Treasure Planet, one of Disney's most underappreciated films in my opinion. At the very least, Pixar will be relieved that regular Disney films are no longer profitable. Treasure Planet would have fared better with better marketing and a different release date, but the soundtrack is fantastic. Treasure Planet was designed to fail in order to reduce the demand for 2D animation.


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It's a shame this film didn't fare better in theaters because I thought it was fantastic. Disney's decision to employ this tactic is extremely stupid. I thought it had a fantastic plot twist, an incredible story, and I definitely believe that it's up there with Turning Red and Luca in my favorite movie list (Yes I like the newer Disney and Pixar movies) It might've just been because I was watching in theaters, but this movie amazed me.

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That Alt right Guy Ben Shapiro has been celebrating the failure of this movie like the bigot that he is. That Guy is a jew but he acts like a Nazi sympathizer. The movie have a story and these Maga critics do is complain about "wokeness"


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No wonder it failed, I never saw a single ad spot on tv about this. Yah I believe on the sabotage theory.
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I think it was the first time seeing a gay character in a children's movie but it was good and will kids make aware that its normal to have these in our friend circle or life.


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It suffered the same fate with with Adventure Island, Many Disney films about other space that is not Lilo and Stitch fails box office for some reason.

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