Stone Ocean or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN is the 6th book in the Jojo Universe. Back then, it was one of the least Popular Manga in the series because it was hard to explain the powers of the Stand Users. After all, Manga was a limiting medium. However, when it got adapted into an Anime, Its popularity exploded, and Netflix decided to renew it for another Season. It is one of those rare Shounens where the main character doesn’t fit any traditional trope.
Stone Ocean is one of the Mangas that translate well as an Anime because it makes it easier to understand the characters’ powers when moving. Jolyne Cujoh is the first female Protagonist in the Jojo series, and she is compelling because of her resourcefulness. She doesn’t...

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I love Jojo fridays because as a community we can talk about Jojo in a weekly basis for a whole year. Now we have short burst that dies down once everyone binged all episodes.


You can still have your Jojo Friday if you will just watch each episode weekly and you have self control to not binge.


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With All the Prisoners they had in Florida, I wish this Anime have fillers so I get to see more of Jolyne. 12 episodes is just not enough for me.


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Jolyne is my favorite Jojo of All time and that is not Recency Biased because I read the Mangas of the Jojos after her. There is something about her that I relate with. She is more like a Pixar character with Generational trauma than an Anime character.


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I have a feeling that we will get Part 3 of Stone Ocean next year. Then by 2024 they will start developing a Steel Ball Run Adaptation. You might get your Jojo Fridays back with Steel Ball Run.


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Netflix still hasn't announced any release date yet but it is a Good Sign they had animated new episodes. Trese and Beastars fans are still getting complete silence they will have new Seasons.