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Im a complete fan of Stephen King. Although I read so many books of varying kinds and genre's. I love young adult fiction due to its creativity and love anything quirky or funny, my main and I really mean my main (MAINE) love, has to be for Stephen King books. He has written so many books over the years and I started when I was young, possibly with Carrie. Ive followed his progress and works over the years from main fiction to series to short stories to pen named books under Bachman. There has to be avid fans on here as well....he is totally and utterly amazing. He links characters throughout his books and although every book is a stand alone work in itself, he has a clever spin on linking places and characters throughout for those that like to look for the more indepth 'fan' view of his writing. Any fans have a favourite Stephen King book. Mine is Insomnia but Im just reading Revival so will keep you posted if this changes.


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My favorite has always been the stand, and my second would be the dark tower series. My dad was a huge horror fan and he had a huge selection of Stephen king books I read as a child. I have not read any of his newer work, or really anything from him in a while, but I would not mind visiting his worlds again.


There are three Stephen King books that come to mind when I try to pick a favorite, 'It', 'Misery', and 'The Shining'. They are all great books and for very different reasons. 'It' is just a great monster book, you've got the creature stalking the town abducting children. 'Misery' shows the extreme of obsession and how that can turn people crazy. 'The Shining' is just a great story that focuses on how someone can lose their mind when they become isolated from the outside world.


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I do believe they are remaking the 'IT' film, which I would be very interested in seeing. I also loved that book and the film totally compounded it. It also totally freaked me out! I guess that did its job then! He is so clever in his ability to write about all the different things you mention Kitty. Obsession, fear, isolation etc. I also loved Under the Dome and loved the series that they made of the book, although the series had to be stretched out somewhat so it does tend to branch away from the book. But still utterly brilliant. The ending of Under the Dome made me feel terribly sad . Stephen King books definitely get my emotions going.


Stephen King's books are great - he's the only author who can really scare me! The Shining is my favourite one of his.
My dad is a huge fan of Stephen King, but I'm not really a fan because I haven't been able to read a book of his without getting incredibly bored or scared half to death!


Ironically, Stephen King didn't like the 1980 version of The Shining. He claimed the character chosen for Mr. Torrance, Jack Nicholson, was too predictable. He wanted a character who wasn't associated in the general public's mind with madness. In that way, the developing insanity in the film would be shocking.

Nonetheless, the 1980 film was a classic and Jack Nicholson's madness did shock people, even though he was already associated with craziness from films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

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