Steamforged Introduces Epic Encounters: Local Legends

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Jun 20, 2012
Steamforged Games, creators (somehow) of a Dark Souls board game among other things, have revealed their latest product….Epic Encounters: Local Legends, an add-on for any 5E-compatible campaign that’s specifically devoted to creating impressive taverns.
Quite often your RPG party will stop by a tavern in their quest, but the GM spent all their effort on the dungeon so nothing really interesting happens in there. Epic Encounters: Local Legends juices up tavern visits with pre-prepared characters, plot hooks and environments. Ten distinct taverns can be played right out of the box, and that’s just the beginning.
10 awesome taverns, ready to drop directly into your game
38 incredible miniatures to bring your encounters to grisly life – including the Kickstarter Exclusive Hill Giant and Efreeti minis!
Three books, packed with GM advice, new rules, and fascinating plot hooks
Ready to play straight from the box, no matter how experienced a GM...

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