Started watching Kamen Rider 555 (Faiz)

after finishing Den-O, Kiva and Decade. I have chosen Faiz to be the next Rider I watch

I'm on episode 7 right now. the series is going great, hard to read and predict, witch I like.

love the Henshing voice "standing by"

I am digging the monsters design. they are great

till now, the series are great, its a nice transition

but it lacks comic relive. is not a complain. but I like the seriousness on the show.

episode 7 has a great start, 2 monsters against faiz, then faiz using his rider kick. and the horse blocks it, NICE
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Faiz is good...the ending is just "what the hell"?

it is not an ending..rather a "to be continued"..

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