レイモン (雷蒙)
An anime, known as Sta☆Ska for short in Japan, is an otome game developed by Honeybee in 2009. An anime adaptation is planned and will be distributed through's website. It will be directed by Kiyoko Sayama. It will be aired on December 23, 2010 at, February 3, 2011 at Sun TV.

Plot Summary: The heroine, Tsukiko, enrolled to a school that was recently changed from all-boys school to co-ed. Since the area where the school is conveniently rural and the rather exclusive curriculums the school has, up until now the heroine is the only one female who enrolled to the school.

Wikipedia - Starry☆Sky
Official Website - スタ☆スカ

Ep.1 - Capricorn I Subbed
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Several of my friends on livejournal are pretty big on the games, so I only know a little bit through them, but IDK if I want to follow this yet or not x; I mean. I like shoujo romance but this just doesn't feel like my thing.


This series looks kind of interesting. There are a lot of tokusatsu seiyuu in it!

Fumiko Orikasa did a voice in Timeranger
Hikaru Midorikawa = Negataros (Den-O) + lots of sentai roles (GoGoV, Timeranger, Abaranger, Magiranger)
Ken'ichi Suzumura = Ryutaros (Den-O)
Tomokazu Sugita = Kivat Bat III (Kiva), Strike (KRDK dub)
Soichiro Hoshi did a voice for Go-onger
Koji Yusa = Urataros (Den-O), Gattack Zecter (Kabuto HBV), Torque (KRDK dub), also did a voice for Magiranger
Daisuke Ono = Teddy (Den-O movies)
Daisuke Kishio did voices for Timeranger and Sazer X
Akira Ishida = Tatsulot (Kiva), also did voices for Boukenger and Gekiranger
Hiroshi Kamiya = Ghost Imagin (Den-O movie 3), Sting (KRDK dub), did a voice in Ultraman Gaia
Mamoru Miyano = Ultraman Zero (Ultraman series)

I might watch it. :anime:


レイモン (雷蒙)
Seems you're right about the voice actors. Glad you can join & watch the show.:thumbs:


I watched the first episode, it was interesting. It reminded me of something, but I don't know quite what.


レイモン (雷蒙)
Oh yeah, that's right. Ryutaros possessing Tsubasa, they're the same ones.:laugh:


レイモン (雷蒙)
Well, that's the difference.

Release date of the DVDs:
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.1〜Episode Capricorn〜 23/02/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.2〜Episode Aquarius〜 24/03/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.3〜Episode Pisces〜 27/04/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.4〜Episode Aries〜 25/05/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.5〜Episode Taurus〜 22/06/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.6〜Episode Gemini〜 27/07/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.7〜Episode Cancer〜 24/08/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.8〜Episode Leo〜 22/09/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.9〜Episode Virgo〜 26/10/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.10〜Episode Libra〜 23/11/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.11〜Episode Scorpio〜 21/12/2011
Starry☆Sky DVD vol.12〜Episode Sagittarius〜 January 2012
Starry☆Sky vol.13〜Episode Ophiuchus〜 February 2012

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