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Origamihero Games, which previously released Heart Chain Kitty on Switch, is preparing their second game, this time for both Switch and PC(via Steam). Starlight Alliance is a third-person RPG created by Bernhard Politsch, who also created Heart Chain Kitty.
It’s the future, and both robotics and space travel have been perfected. Humans and aliens now live in relative peace in blended space station communities high above the Earth. The only bad thing is that the Earth itself has been kinda destroyed, but there’s peace now, however we got there!
It’s in danger of falling apart, however. The electronics that run the cities are starting to malfunction, and the drones are starting to turn on people. It’s up to soldiers Lea and Cyris to get to the bottom of what’s really happening. Half the time you’ll be exploring, the other you’ll be shooting…whatever’s behind this doesn’t want you getting close!

Switch between two playable characters at any time.
Explore a colorful yet dark dystopian...
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