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I'm probably gonna be getting the whole set (plus maybe an extra Wraith drone too). I've been trying to avoid online shopping when I can though. Haven't seen Wave 2 at the stores I've gotten some of my SG1 yet ( i only want Athosian Teyla and the Wraith queen but I need a Rodney for the gate -I just don't think the figure does David justice- and I don't care which I get at this point), but I haven't tried everywhere. I decided to make an account with DST's store though (already had one for their online newsletter). So I won't have a problem getting any of them. It's just a matter of money and time since I got my other collections. :shakefist

Now if only I could find a place that will sell me the Battle Galactica Cylons coming out in that line's waves 2 and 3 separate and at a decent price - only seen them offered in sets. That's another thread though. :disappoin

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The new two pack that was announced by BBTS has been updated on the first post. Not sure if I'm gonna get it, but it does look cool.
I want Prior Daniel (can't have too much of Daniel), but if Teal'c is just a slight repaint of the one I already have...I think I will get it but I'll have to figure out what to do about the extra Teal'c.

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Not really a toy per-say. But still cool :D
My now screen acurate P90!

Take 1 Tokyo Marui TR P90 (removing the Scorpion tac light w/ Weaver rings)...

Add one Tokyo Marui P90 Red Dot upper...

And after 10 mins, you get a screen accurate P90 :D (after re-attaching the tac light)...




Well, accurate except for the orange barrel tip lol

Now just comes the decision to add another rail and again attach my laser sight.

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Well looking through the red dot scope, it gives you a red dot to target with (hence the name red dot), but it just doesn't project a laser.

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