Stargate: The Ark of Truth LEAKED!


A rough version of the first SG1 TV Movie The Ark of Truth is now available on Torrent sites.

Even if not all of the effects have been polished, having this version is a nice bonus when you eventually purchase or watch the real deal for contrasting purposes.
:O_O: I don't have much disc space at the moment. Will have to see about that. Can't wait to buy the DVD which, unless there's a change, happens to come out a couple days after my birthday. :)

Mega Ranger

yeah I think i'll wait and just get it legally. on another ntoe the complete series is 50% off at Aamzon making 10 seasons for $164.00


Words words words
I want to see this movie really, really badly, but I'll wait to see it as it was meant to be seen. I have the DVD preordered, can't wait :buttrock:

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