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Mar 27, 2005


“Tell me, who sent you to come after me?” said the grey haired man, dressed in a grey military uniform, brandishing Imperial insignias. Who sat in a silver, metal chair, and continued, “You must know this was a suicide mission at best.”

“You're a very wanted man by the guild, and yes... yes I did know that. That's why I took the job,” responded the long, dark haired man sitting across from him in a similar metal chair, as he leaned forward a little across the beaten up, old, brown metal table. He felt the mechanical cuffs clink up against the bar on the back of the chair, and pulled them up a bit, hearing them clink again. There wasn't much hope there. He even figured it was designed for the cuffs to an extent. Eventually he looked back up towards the Imperial Officer humbly. “Was curious.”

The officer gave a bit of a smirk, “Of course.” Then took a sip from the small, clear, square-shaped glass before him, ingesting some of the dark brown liquid. “I can only surmise you have a death wish of sorts.”

“Or it could mean I'm very confident,” replied the dark haired man, glancing around the old, dishevelled room, covered in remains of green-grey paint as well as rust. Rounded objects jutted out of hte walls, and lit up consoles upon the walls above them, as well as the row of lights above illuminated the interior dimly. He also notice the red alert lights remained active as well, telling him exactly how difficult this was going to be from here-on-out.

“There is a fine line between confidence and foolhardy, Mr. Hunter,” said the Officer.

“Well that's true, but I'm not the wanted man here, Jan.”

Jan, the Imperial Officer's jaw shifted back and forth a bit as he mulled over that piece of information. “I believe you have me mistaken-”

“I believe I have you at a disadvantage, Jan,” said the cuffed man again while he wiggled his fingers behind his back, and then slowly guided them towards the cuff's interlocking mechanism. “I know your name, you don't know mine, but even if you did it would tell you nothing. But yours... yours let's me track you down from here tot he outer rim. Only place safe for you would be unknown regions, and even then... that's a gamble.”

Jan's jaw shifted again as well as his eyes before finally leaning forward, and said in a much more menacing voice, “Then it is good I have you in my custody, Hunter. We have ways of finding out the information we need, and I do not believe your name would give me nothing. In fact I believe the contrary. A name holds a lot of power when one is free, and you my estranged guest, are not.”

With that Jan downed the rest of his drink, and abruptly placed the glass back down with a loud clank before sitting back, allowing himself to calm back down with a heavy exhale.

“I'll have you out of here and in my hold before you know it,” replied the cuffed Bounty Hunter as he sat back in his own chair. Behind him his right hand's fingers shook as he reached back towards the mechanism. The slide on the cuff's center axis tugged tot he left then slid back. “Enjoy your last moments of said freedom,” he said with a bit of smirk.

“You really are crazy aren't you?” questioned Jan as he leaned forward again, the vain on the side of his temple bulging slightly.

The Hunter remained silent, but confidently stared back at him.

“I shall leave you at this moment, and allow my personal guard to attend to you. I look forward to finding out more about you.”

“I know everything I need to about you, Captain Mallark.”

Jan Mallark grabbed his small, angular, Imperial hat and placed it upon his head. The anger was swelling within him now, or was it fear, even he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he wasn't going to get anywhere from a normal conversation, and doing the wet work was above his station. For a moment longer he just simply stared upon the long coated man before him, then side stepped around the table and marched towards the large, rectangular door that slid open revealing three Storm Troopers holding blaster rifles. He stopped and looked back for a moment and said, “I leave him in your... capable hands.”

Then with that he left the room, and the Troopers entered with the door closing behind them as they started to surround the long haired man, clad in dark browns and black attire, cuffed to the metallic chair.

“I've been looking foward to this,” spoke the Trooper through his helmet's filtered mic, and holstered his rifle as he approached around the side of the chair.

“It's now or never...,” said the Hunter under his breath.

“What was that?” asked the same Trooper as he grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back.

Then suddenly as he reached out, and pulled, the slide shifted to the left, releasing the lock upon the cuffs wide open. “That's better!” he shouted and swung out his left leg, arching it back and tripping the Storm Trooper to the grated floor. Then quickly spun around kicking him in the face, knocking him over onto his stomach. Next within the same fluid motion he swung his right leg forward, and just as the blaster rifle was aimed up, he booted it wide to th e right, causing him to fire into his alley's side, blasting him to the floor. Before the Trooper regained his footing, the Hunter checked him with his shoulder, grabbed him by the left arm, and tossed him over his back, slamming him to the floor hard. Finally he finished him off with a boot to the head as well, hearing a clear snap from the sheer force of his kick.

Just as the first Trooper started to pad the floor for his blaster rifle, and attempted to get back up, the Hunter took the third Trooper's weapon and dropped him with a bolt to the back of the head.

Suddenly the door opened up and the Imperial Officer marched back into the room, upset at the predicament he thought was going down. “I didn't say to blast—oh...” A second later as he slowly brought up his hands, he caught the cuffs that were tossed over to him.

“Put those on, and yeah, I am crazy,” replied the now armed and dangerous Hunter.
Professionally Insane
Mar 27, 2005
Chapter 1 Part 2:

Parked within a large clearing of a forest area stood the Gilded Glaive, a TZ-2500 Custom Corvette. Slowly the main ramp began to lower with a loud hiss as steam jets exited from small ports around it, then landed upon the ground made of patches of earth and grass with a dull thump. Then came the sounds of wildlife entering into the ship for the second time today, though this time greeting the last crew member aboard. Trotting down the grey and beige sectioned ramp came a rather short being clad in brown-orange robes with a dark brown sash, lined with metal boxes, and a brown belt littered with pouches and tools. A Jawa.

The little crew member stood near the bottom and then raised his left arm, shoving the sleeve down to reveal four strapped devices to him, each one with unique symbols, some blinking, some static, beeping and clicking. His glowing, yellow eyes widened, and he began to freak out with a jump, and then started to pace back and forth, yammering in Huttese. Finally throwing up his hands and scurrying back into the ship.

Then a small, egg-shaped like, metallic canister with four tendril arms, and ball wheels rolled into view of the open hatch, stopping for a moment. Then it's domed head with mono-eye and blinking lights turned to peer outside. It let out a soft, somber beewoop sound just as the ramp began to close.


A little time later Captain Mallark found himself cuffed and carefully manoeuvred through the dark and dim junk and supply crate filled corridors of his own base. The tall Storm Trooper behind him kept an ever vigilant look out for approaching troopers and officers. When they came across a few he had instructed Jan to pull rank, and quickly made an exit, all the while he shielded the cuffs from view as well.

“You don't really think this is going to work,” said Jan quietly to the Trooper, “Eventually someone will notice what happened in that room.”

“They haven't yet,” stated the Trooper, “Now keep quiet.”

When they came to a T-shaped intersection, the Trooper grabbed Mallark's sleeve and stopped from from proceeding.

“Now what?” asked Jan, a little frustrated.

“We're not leaving without my stuff,” said the Hunter over the Storm Trooper's helmet mic as quietly as he could, “Now this is what you're going to tell him.”


“You there, YK-421 stand up, I have a request for you.” commanded Jan as he approached with his escort behind him, hands behind his back, and chest foreward with his chin raised slightly as if looking down upon his foot soldier.

421 quickly stammered and leaped up from his chair, letting it clank to the floor, and quickly stood at attention. “Y-yes my liege, what would you have me do?”

Jan slightly turned a bit in the direction of the Trooper behind him with a hint of reluctance, but then tilted back towards 421, “I need you to place all we've confiscated from our prisoner into that grey duffel bag and hand it over.”

A slight and sudden cough came from the Trooper behind him.

“Sir?” questioned 421 curiously.

Jan started to mouth the word, but eventually said it, “I-immediately.”

“Y-yes sir, on the double!”

Quickly YK-421 did so, placing the equipment and weapons into the duffel bag that laid open upon the dark, dented, metal table in the middle of the small, gated alcove, brightly lit from above.

“I wish to add it to my collection, as a trophy,” stated Captain Mallark.

The Hunter dressed as a trooper looked around the shelves a moment after taking one more look around, feeling they were a little secure for the time being. Had he not taken the time he probably would have missed it, something he had been looking for some time for. Quickly he nudged the Captain and spoke quietly into his ear.

“That power cycler and stabilizer too.”

“What?” questioned Jan abruptly with a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“That power cycler, get it too...”

Luckily 421 was a busy bee, grabbing and searching the shelves for every last bit that was stolen, but then just as he was about to zip the bag up.

“That power cycler, put that in the bag as well,” said Jan.

“Oh? Yes sir,” 421 replied happily and quickly retrieved it.

“I should like to have it,” said Jan again, then quietly said to the Hunter, “Anything else?”

The Trooper cleared his throat and tapped him gently in the back with the barrel of the rifle. Then he whispered back, “That will be all. Thank you.”

421 grabbed the small, silver, black and metallic blue cylindrical-shaped, and ringed device that had several connector spikes and ports exposed at the top into the bag, then zipped up the whole thing before marching it over towards the square opening in the middle of hte gated wall. Gently he passed it through towards the Captain, but the Trooper took it however, and slung it over his shoulder.

“I'm sorry sir, of course you don't need to carry it, I didn't mean any disrespect,” panicked 421 a moment.

But Jan simply shook his head and reassured him, “That's quite fine. Now would you please re...,” he stated to say, then leaned in closer to the gate, hoping his eyes would tell the Trooper what he wanted him to. That he was in danger, and in need of some help. Yet it would appear to have fallen upon lesser intelligent life form.

“Are you alright, my liege?” asked the Quarter Master Trooper genuinely worried for his employer's well being, “You seem a little stressed. I know it's not my place to say or to ask, but maybe you could talk to me about it.”

Seeing that it was pointless, and that if he told the young Trooper in plain basic, he'd end up making thins worse for himself. Although it would certainly make this much more troublesome for his guest as well. Yet the image of those three bodies didn't help reassure him of that fact. “I'm fine, just having a day. Thank you for your support, but it is not required. I do however require you to rearrange the shelves. I shall return later to inspect your work personally.”

“Yes sir! I'll endeavour to do my best, and aim for your highest accommodation,” 421 stated as he stood to attention once again, then turned to face the wall, and began the work he was requested to do.

“Smooth....,” said the Hunter, “Let's go.”

So Mallark spun about on his heel, and the Hunter moved in behind him, hiding the cuffs once again as they made their way down the dim, hall, lined with long, blue lights and small, red klaxon ones. As they went they did their best to avoid tripping over anything loose on the ground, and quickly took the path to the right this time, after checking down the previous corridor and finding it empty. For now they had to make it towards the cargo dock.


Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes played within the kitchenette-lounge of the ship. Sitting upon the rounded, white leather cushioned booth was the Jawa, laid back and tapping a finger upon the small, circular, checker-patterned table. At first it was to the beat of “Mad About Me”, then as he brought down his left arm to check the time once more, the tapping gradually intensified. Then he put his hands behind his head and leaned back till he was gazing up at the grated lights in the ceiling, and let out a heavy sigh.

“What ya doin'?” came the combination of sounds from the small small, egg-shaped, tendril Droid as it leaned in from the round corridor entrance, curiously peering over towards the small creature at the table.

“Waiting, impatiently,” replied the Jawa in Huttese.

“I see...,” beeped the droid sombrely, then perked up all of the sudden as a thought occurred to him, “What ya thinking of doing?”

“Thinking of leaving...,” replied the Jawa after it started to rock back and forth.

“Why...?” questioned the Droid curiously and with a tilt of it's dome head.

“Cause I'm tired of waiting for a dead man,” the Jawa answered flatly, and then turned to the Droid as he pointed to his chest, “I gotta think about me, my survival here. We're in the middle of hostile territory, where anything can kill us! Anything! And our Leader decided to march into there, ON HIS OWN, and he's already an hour late!”

“An hour doesn't seem that long.”

“How would you know!?” exclaimed the Jawa while sternly staring down his companion.

“I'm a Droid, Chur. Tracking time is part of what I do. Like a hobby,” answered the Droid with a bunch of happy beeps and boops.

After Chur gave a double-take, he just shook his head in disbelief and then went right back to listening to the song for a moment. Then he checked his four time pieces strapped to his forearm once again and jumped off the booth seat while throwing up his hands. “That's it! I'm outta here!” With that he scurried out of the kitchenette-lounge chamber, and manoeuvred around the small Droid down the cylindrical corridor.

“Weep-woop...” sounded the Droid while turning his head three-hundred and sixty degrees, watching Chur leave towards the cockpit of the ship.


I'm liking it so far, I'm assuming the Jawa and droids are part of the bounty hunter's crew so that seems to be an interesting mix. Can't wait to see the next part
Professionally Insane
Mar 27, 2005
Chapter 1 Part 3:

Mallark continued to figure out a way of turning things around in his favour the entire time he guided them through the almost maze-ish superstructure of the underground base. It made him wonder if lady luck was really on this Hunter's side. Eventually they were coming up towards one of the security check points, another T-intersection in the road, and this time with several uniformed officers sat behind their stations.

The Hunter noticed it coming up and honestly, even he was sweating a bit about this situation coming up. Thinking fast he unlocked the cuffs, and pulled them off of Jan's wrists. He was definitely making a gamble, but with luck it would allow for a smoother transition.

Jan however was surprised at this turn of events, but a welcomed one. He even allowed himself to crack a bit of a smile as he swung free his arms, and gently massages his wrists before him as he increased his step.

“Play it cool,” whispered the Storm Trooper-suited Hunter, tapping him in the back with the barrel.

“Oh, I intend to,” Jan Mallark said with a smirk, “Gentlemen...”

“My liege,” all three dark uniformed Officers spoke one after the other, and gave a subtle nod as they stood too attention.

“Anything we can help you with, sir?” asked the Officer on the left.

Jan came up and leaned his wrists upon the station's counter top, and leaned forward a bit, finally being able to relax a little. “Yes, I believe you can.”

The Hunter looked on nervously, yet preparing a last minute idea just in case. Something told him in his gut that this was about to go south. At least in some sense the Force seemed to have his back, and that alone gave him a little cause for comfort even in this predicament.

With a subtle look back at the Trooper he began to chuckle and then pulled at this collar while turning back to his men and said, “Arrest this fool.”

Stunned and bewildered the Officers all just looked at one another a moment, and then back towards their leader. Then the middle one spoke up, “Sir?”

Suddenly the Hunter tossed the cuffs into the hands of the middle man, catching him off guard. The other two quickly went to either side. One tried reaching for a blaster and the other, the alarm, but before they could reach either, they heard:


They did what they were told, and then looked slowly back where the middle Officer was staring, right at the Trooper holding his blaster rifle, one-handed, aimed right at Mallark's temple. Finger gently pressing on the trigger, a meer centimetre from engaging the firing mechanism.

“Now turn around....”

“Do it....,” Jan muttered through gritted teeth as he felt the pressure of the barrel pushing against his head, making him tilt his head over a tiny bit. “I believe him!”

“Aye... my liege, as you command,” replied the middle Officer.

All three of them turned about face and stared right at the wall of monitors, and lit up buttons and switches before them. Gently they let out slow breaths, all awaiting for whatever to happen next. This was turning out to be the worst day of the career, next to the day the Empire fell to the Rebel Alliance. Then suddenly they heard the soft woosh of something moving. Their eyes went wide with fear as a click followed, and then finally the wizzit sound echoed forth, and each one fell as a ring of blue energy surrounded them.

“I wouldn't try that again if I were you,” said the Hunter holstering the blaster pistol he called to his hand from the side table, and then pushed the frustrated Warlord onward.

“It's almost worth it,” replied Jan smugly, “just to see you taken down.”

“Oh I bet you'll be dreaming about it where you're going.”

“I will be, and I look forward to exacting my revenge on you,” stated Jan was he made it around the corner to the left, and up a spiral staircase that led to the upper level. “Name known of not.”

After they left a person then appeared upon one of the monitors in one of the outer locations. An Asian woman clad in brown leathers and a dark grey jet-pack. Her hair was done up in a ponytail with parted bangs curled back behind her ears. She quickly leaped in behind a huge boulder as a patrol came by, and made sure she was out of view before placing a small, round device, no bigger than her hand upon the wall. Then she moved out after she checked to make sure the patrol had continued on.

The high-pitched whirling and puttering sounds of the engines starting up broke the peacefulness, and scattered some of the avian-lizard wildlife to the skies far away from the location of the half-circled, bronze-brass vessel.

Meanwhile in the somewhat spacious two seat cockpit, Chur sat upon the left chair and punched away upon the large, busy console, powering up the start-up sequence for take-off. There was no more time he kept telling himself, no more time at all. Their leader was dead for all intent and purposes, cause he had to be. Or at the very least captured and being tortured no less. Chur then quickly shook off the notions, not wanting them to cloud over his thoughts of escape, nor cause him pause.

Then all the sudden the Egg-Droid whirled in through the opened doorway, spun to the port on the lower left hand wall, popped out his connector from a hidden panel, and plugged into the ship's systems shutting down the engine abruptly. He then turned his dome-head towards the Jawa and made several loud sounds in protest.

“Hey you little nit!” sqwacked Chur in his native tongue, “I gave him enough time,I'm outta here!”

Chur went through the start up sequence again, this time in reverse on the panels, but the functioned and the ship began to engage it's engines again. Then the engines cut out once again, causing Chur to give the Egg-droid the stink eye, and a rude gesture of him uppercutting while whacking his bicep with his other hand. After which he went back through the sequence yet again, this time by-passing and cross-connecting through sub-systems to try and outwit the Egg-droid.

It went on for several minutes of starting up and powering down. Just when the Jawa thought he had the Droid beat, he managed to circumvent him at another turn again and again. Eventually Chur threw up his arms in frustration and turned back to the Egg-droid with sheer rage and desperation in his eyes.

“DG-40!” shouted Chur, “Come here you little!”

Meanwhile outside the ship, a small trio of Storm Troopers sauntered through the greenery of the slightly dense forest and came across the half-circled, bronze-brass ship. Curious about it they looked it over, and noticed it was closed up tight, Whoever was here seemed to be still aboard her they assumed. Carefully they took up positions around the area, and prepared for an altercation of some kind to take place. Because no matter who this was, they were trespassing upon the lands of their commander and chief.

Chur hopped off the chair and lunged for out for DG-40 who managed to tuck and roll around him with great speed and skill. Finding himself empty handed but hugging himself angered him to no end, and he jump-spun about to face his quarry yet again, this time pulling out a took from his belt, making it spark at the very tip of it.

“Come here you little abomination... I built you, I can un-build you!”

“Try it Bantha Fodder!” beeped the brave Egg-droid, this time popping out a taser-like extension from another hidden panel.

Just as both of them were about to square off a siren began to sound throughout the ship, catching them both off guard. Chur was freaking out even more now as he began to fidget and bounce around, unsure of where to look to find out what was going on. DG however rolled on over and plugged back into the wall port, then turned his head back towards Chur.

“Calm down, it's only Storm Troopers,” explained the Droid with a sarcastic combination of sounds, till it hit him too and he clued in with a double-take, “Storm Troopers!?”

“Aghhh!” exclaimed the Jawa as he was really in a panic now, rapidly pacing back and forth. “Whada we do? Whada we do!? WHAT. DO. WE. DO!?” He picked up DG by the sides of head, hoping for the droid to have an answer.

DG then hopped back down and plugged back into the main computer once more. “There is only three of them at least,” he beeped and booped explaining the current situation to Chur, hoping to calm him down a little bit. In fact it even helped DG-40 regain his own composure.

“THREE!?” Chur whined, and then clasped the sides of his head, and began to shake it while staring down at the floor. “Force have mercy upon us, I'm sorry for all the stealing, I mean procuring I've done, and I won't do it anymore, I promise!”

“I have an idea...,” DG responded, staring up through the cockpit window while within his system he tracked the Troopers. It was ballsy, and a gamble, but with luck and surprise on their side... just maybe. Then all of the sudden the Droid's main lights around his eye went all red. “Yippee Kiyay! Bantha Fodders!”

“I think I located the door controls,” said the leading Trooper as he found a small, dark panel with silver-trimmed buttons, “541 go check it, 335 and I will keep you covered.”

“Roger, roger,” replied 541, the Trooper to the far right of the leading one before he quickly started to jog out of cover towards the closed ramp.

“Are you sure about this?” asked 335 after moving closer to the center with his superior, “How do we know we haven't been spotted?”

“Haven't seen any movement from the cockpit,” replied the leading Trooper, “And if they did detect us, I think they would have tried to take off by now.”

“Engine trouble?” asked 335.

“Maybe...,” replied the lead Trooper, “Either way they're on our turf.”

Just as 541 came to the panel, he gave it a quick look over and found it to be unlocked. “It's unlocked, preparing to lower the ramp now,” he said into his com-link, then started to work the controls, hitting the lowering switch.

A loud hiss emanated from the ports around the ramp as steam began to jet out, then suddenly it all stopped. Confused the Trooper looked over the controls and found the system was shut off, and locked now. “Someone's home I guess,” he spoke aloud to himself, “I'm going to splice the system. Cover me.” With that he tried to pull at the panel, but could not find any purchase at which to dislodge it from the rectangular slot in the ship's hull.

“Just blast it off!” commanded the lead Trooper over the comm.

“Right,” replied 541 and slowly he took a couple steps back, then took aim upon the panel while slowly crouching to hopefully get it at the right angle. Then after a brief moment, he inhaled deepy for a second before exhaling and pulling the trigger. The blaster bolt of red energy exited the barrel of the rifle and deflected right back into his throat, sending a puff of smoke out from either side of the hole it left as he was flung onto his back.

“I didn't think of that...,” said the lead Trooper with a deadpanned tone.

“I did... right as it happened...,” replied 335, “Now what?”

Then suddenly a long, rectangular panel slid up and to the side, then came down a black, long-barrled Auto Blaster Turret aimed right for them.

“Oh Sh-”,' they said in unison just as a flurry of rapid fire bolts of red laser came right for them.

The Hunter kept a watchful eye out for any incoming troops and officers as they made their way through the outer corridor. The clutter however was getting much more sparse in these higher levels leading up to the cargo dock. It made traversing a little easier, but on the downside if they were to get into a fight, there would be little to no cover for either of them. Still the Hunter clutched the blaster rifle closer to him and hoped for the best the closer they got to their destination, at least that's what the signs along the way were saying.

Mallark was calmer however feeling that a better chance was about to come into his lap. There would have to be at least twenty troopers on duty at the very least in there, and there was no way he'd be able to take them all out before they got him. All he had to do was arrive there without much trouble before hand, and order them to blast the trooper beside him while ducking and hiding. With that many blaster rifles all trained on the Hunter, they were bound to hit him a few times, let alone kill him out right.

A couple of troopers headed towards them from around the corner, and then dashed to the left as a large, pentagonal door spread open in the center, allowing in the light from within a moment as they entered the cargo dock. Then the doors closed behind them.

“They looked like they were in a hurry,” said Jan inquisitively.

The Hunter didn't say anything, but just reached out and grabbed the Warlord by the shoulder, forcing him to stop and spun him around to face him. “Wait a second.”

“Now what?”

“I know I'm looking at a lot ot troopers when we get in there, but here's what I want you to do,” said the Hunter.

“What makes you think I'm going to listen to this farce any longer?” asked Mallark.

“You're gonna do as I say, or I'll bring you in drooling,” said the Hunter, leaning in closer and glaring at his bounty through the helmet. He knew Jan could tell he wasn't playing around, but he could tell that the Warlord didn't really care either.

Then a smirk formed upon Jan's lips as I folded his arms before him, “So I'm worth more alive you're saying. Interesting...”

“Cold will do,” said the Hunter plainly, still leaned in close.

“If cold would do, you wouldn't have gone to all this trouble o--,” Jan started to explain but was suddenly cut off.

“Since we're a lot closer to getting out of here, things changed,” stated the Hunter abruptly after placing the barrel of his blaster rifle against Mallark's forehead at point blank range. He wasn't playing anymore, and even he was really considering shooting his way out now. “Up to you, Mallark. Do you want it to end here, on the cold, dusty floor of your bunker base?”

Jan wasn't sure how much time he was about to give him to think it over, so he quickly made a decision , “No. No... I would rather live... Dying here is not something I would care to have happen.”

Slowly he lowered the rifle and held it within both hands, and then leaned in closer once again from the other side. “Good. Now here's what I want you to do.”

After several minutes the large, cargo bay doors slid apart with a heavy, clunking and hydraulic sound, revealing the Imperial Warlord and his Trooper guard at his side, both looking into the cargo dock stunned and confused.

In the middle of the large, open cargo dock amongst crates, barrels, bacta tanks and other weapons and speeder vehicles, stood the Asian woman from the security monitor, leaned over, removing a vibro dagger from the fallen body of a Storm Trooper. In her other hand was a long, brown and chrome rifle, with expended casings littered among the cold, light grey, concrete floor. Slowly she rose back up, and blew a strand of hair away from her face, revealing the thin, cybernetic implants on the sides of her temples, and gave a nod to Jan and the armoured Hunter.

“Hey, great timing,” she said, then drew one of her two holstered blasters, opening fire at the Trooper.

He quickly rolled avoiding the red bolts and hid behind a stack of crates and barrels, all the while sparks burst free as the shots impacted around him. Luckily he saw it coming a second before it actually happened, and was able to just make it in time behind some cover. “Come on! I'm with the guild!”

“Oh I know, you're a little tall for a Storm Trooper, Kase Lero!”


Getting a little more interesting now, with a apparent bounty jumping (not sure if that's the right term. and if it isn't it should be lol) at the end there. And nice call back with that last line lol. And all of this is going on without knowing what's going on with the ship outside.
Professionally Insane
Mar 27, 2005
Final Part For Chapter 1:

The Leading Storm Trooper clung behind a thick tree while 335 stayed hidden on the ground behind a fallen over one, reaching over the top and firing his rifle with one hand. Sparks, flame and wood chips exploded around them both as the Auto Blaster kept on firing between the both of them, pinning them down.

“Hurry! Send back up!” shouted the leading Trooper into a portable comm device in his free hand before the tree suddenly sundered behind him, knocking him forward with in a fiery blaze.

“Huh!?” 335 gasped as he looked over at his commanding officer blasted down. Then suddenly nothing, there was no sound, no laser bolts whizzing by, and everything seemed to have calmed down. Cautiously he peaked up over the log to check the situation and spotted the blaster was no longer targeting him, but rather staying stationary as the end of the barrel smoked. Maybe it was depleted he thought. With only a moments hesitation he started to back up and then made a mad dash for it.

The Auto Blaster Turret then pivoted and fired a single bolt through his back, and a burning rupture of sparks showered forth from his chest. A second later he dropped to his knees, and then collapsed over onto his face unmoving.

Sparks rained down as blaster bolts whizzed by. He felt pinned and extremely frustrated with the current turn of events. Not only was his plan and position jeopardized, he had to contend with a bounty jumper. Not any bounty jumper either, but one he knew quite well from reputation and a few encounters in the past. Just that none of them ended up like this.

“Sabril!” shouted Kase, “Why are you doing this!?”

At that moment he witnessed his quarry, Mallark starting for the opened doorway, taking his chance that he obvious saw finally to flee. Kase quickly raised up the rifle and took a few pot shots at the door frame, forcing Jan to fall back in behind a bunch of barrels. Their eyes met and even with the helmet on, Kase's expression and intent was loud and clear. “Stay in cover!”

“Oh, you know, just taking this wamprat off your hands!” she finally answered.

Then she made her way leftward keeping the firing up to make sure her rival remained in cover as she attempted to get in closer to the target. A smile formed upon her lips as she enjoyed how things were shaping up in her favour. Eventually she stopped the onslaught of blaster fire and waited, but then fired again as Kase tried to peak out. “Come now, I just want you to stay right... where you are, Lero.”

“Well... you're not giving me much choice!” Kase replied checking his rifle over, then knelled down as he slung the duffel bag around, and began to search his gear for a device. It only took a few seconds, but finally he found it, and retrieve a small holo-puck.

“No,” she exclaimed, continuing on her way around to the front of the cargo dock, trying to get in around to Mallark, “I don't suppose I am!” Just when she came around the bend and Kase would have been in her view, there was no one there in sight. “Now where did you go!?”

“You there!” came a shout from the far other side of the room towards the far end, drawing Sabril's attention.

Just as she saw the holo-graphic Storm Trooper she quickly turned back to where Kase would have been and fired.

The bolt ricocheted off the cargo container, as well as sent sparks showering down around over Kase as he quickly slid back around the side of it. Cursing under his breath he slowly edged to take another peak and quickly moved out of the way of another blaster bolt.

“Damn cyborg....,” he muttered, “How about this!? We split the bounty!?”

“Let me think about it!” she shouted back, genuinely thinking it over for a whole two seconds, then quickly pressed a switch on panel on the side of her belt with her free hand. “No!” She fired again, blasting sparks all over the place, making sure to keep her rival remained pinned down. She really needed this pay out badly.

“You there! Halt!” shouted another voice.

“Ain't falling for that again!” she exclaimed with a bit of a smirk, though it soon faded as she saw movement from the corner of her eye, and turned to see seven Troopers rush in from the opened, hexagonal doorway on the side of the room Kase was on, just closer tot he far end.

“Blast them! Blast them both!” shouted Mallark finally as he rose up from behind the barrels and pointed in both Kase's location, and at Sabril. “Agh!” shouted Jan making him drop down behind the barrels again once a blaster bolt grazed his left shoulder, coming from where Kase was hiding.

“Over there! Blast them!” shouted the front line Trooper.

They all opened fire in both directions, covering them in scorch marks as sparks flew and debris rained down upon the ground. Now things went from bad to worse, as it would appear these troopers had some decent aim.

Sabril and Kase both shared a look once he had removed his helmet. Both of them understood what they had to do to get out of this mess. Holding onto their respective blaster weapons they waited a brief moment, then quickly Sabril activated her jetpack, flew up and over, drawing both her pistols now and opened up upon the Troopers. Kase dashed with great speed over toward Mallark's position while he was busy rolling out of cover to try and escape yet again. With desperation to try and catch up, Kase managed to increase his speed to an almost inhuman dash, part of him didn't understand what was happening but he wasn't going to stop to question it either as he made it over. Grabbing the Imperial by the back of the collar he quickly marched him along towards a parked speeder.

“Come on! Get in the speeder! -Now!” he shouted while firing at the increasing number of Troopers that entered in from the side door. He managed to hit a few with blind fire, but a few nearly got a little too closer for comfort with their shots as well, and he quickly leaped into green and navy accented speeder's driver's seat. He went about starting up the engine without even glancing at the controls, allowing his feelings to guide him while training his attention upon the incoming Troopers and now dropping more of them like Mynocks.

“You got this!?” he shouted over the raging blaster fire up to Sabril who landed atop of a towering stack of crates, down upon one knee and continued to rapid shoot away.

She just gave him a glare that said “You blasted wamprat don't you!”

After he hit the throttle he was gone through the opened hanger door, leaving her behind to handle things on her own. The speeder made it's way over the landing area for drop ships, and even passed by a couple that were being worked on by repair personnel. They seemed to watch as they flew by, and not fully realizing what was happening, along they swore they saw their Leader being yanked into the front seat on the passenger's side.

“What's going on?” asked a Dock Worker.

“I dunno, they don't pay me enough to ask questions....,” replied his Partner as he was wiping a tool he was using, before walking back into the shuttle's hatch.

Kase managed to keep the Warlord at bay with his blaster rifle stuck to his side, threatening to pull the trigger ir he so much as flinched in the opposite direction. Things seemed to work out in his favor now, though he wasn't too sure for how long that would last. He only gained a head start, and she was porting some fancy travelling gear now. With a few flipped switches, and button presses he managed to increase the power output of the finned quad-tube repulsar engines, causing them to give a quick, amped up wheezing-buzz giving them an extra boost of speed.

Sabril found herself now pinned down by the increased number of Troopers, but at least there was only eight of them in total, and their aim wasn't as good as the last ones it would seem. “Dank Farrik” she cursed with a tone of relief in her voice. Then seeing her chance she leaped down into the fray, firing both blasters in hand and taking down four ot them in rapid succession. Landing on one knee she holstered her blasters and waited for the last of them to make their decision.

The Storm Troopers just looked to one another, uncertain at first of their target's game plan. Then their commanding Trooper turned to the two one on his left and said, “Go after them, we'll take her in.”

A smirk formed upon Sabril's shiny, purple lips after hearing that. Then she waited for them to make the first move, which they didn't take long in doing. Slowly she bowed a little forward and the two poles on the top of her jetpack came to life. They popped up and pivotred down, targeting a Trooper each as a holographic visor formed over her eyes, and took them down with a blaster bolt to their heads, then the next two, making short work of them.

Once that was taken care of she made her way over to middle of the hanger bay, and looked into the distance with her visor still up, increasing the magnification. It managed to bring up a medium sized visual of the escaping speeder, then closed blast door gate that was up ahead, and still closed. That too brought a smirk to her face as she knew this was her chance to catch up. Gently she crouched down, leaned forward, and then pushed off with her jetpack at full burn into the air.

Jan continued to baby his shoulder while they raced along the open platforms onto the dirt road. Then looking up ahead he noticed the blast door gate was shut, and there was no ramps leading up either side of the white, towering, ringed gate around the complex either. “You fool,” he admonished, “You have no where to escape to!”

“You better signal them to open the blast doors up then,” Kase said as he nudged Jan in the wounded shoulder.

“Ow!” Jan cried and winced in pain, “Blast you!”

“Signal the base to open the doors!”

Then suddenly a gunmetal dropship with twin, wing mounted engines appeared over top of the main gate. Kase and Jan looked to each other neither one unable to believe the day they were having, but the Imp simply smirked and chuckled to himself, figuring at least he would not be his bounty, and quite possibly he might be able to weasel his way out of that other Hunter's clutches through credits. At the very least it was worth a shot. Kase on the other hand was having none of it, and just as he was about to change course, the dropship exploded from a barrage of twin large bolts.

“NOO!! DANK FARRIK!” was heard over the twining sound of the speeder's engines.

All three parties however were not drawn towards the machine that was fast approaching with heavy, clunking foot falls. Once they bared witness, only Kase and the flying Sabril both watched wide-eyed at the appearance of an Imperial AT-ST Walker. Now things were getting a little more serious with that kind of fire power on the field.

Coming in close towards the fallen wreckage that landed on an angle against the front of the main gate, Kase quickly throttled down and spun the control wheel to the left, causing the Speeder to slide to a stop while it clunk against the burning heap. Before he could think the Walker managed to shoot through the middle of the glass of the windshield, exploding the it into pieces as well as grazing the front of the hood, and causing a small crater upon the ground before them.

Jan quickly got up onto a knee and started shooting his mouth off after that, “You imbecile, I'm in here!”

A barrage or red bolts struck the side of the box-y Imperial Mech just as Sabril flew on by, firing both blaster pistols and her pack's laser guns, which seemed to draw away the craft's attention slightly. Still while she flew on passed it's view, above the arc of the laser cannons, she continued to open fire from all four weapons into eyes of the Walker's command center. Screams of rage emanated from her while she did so as well, the rage was just fuming within her now at the loss of her ship, and even though he weapons did little to that armor, it felt good to just open fire upon the mech.

Then before it took another pot shot, Kase slammed down the throttle and flew ahead away from the heap and turned about to face the approaching “Chicken Walker”, and throttle down again. As it approached Kase revved up the engines over and over, building up the power. When he felt that machine was distracted enough, he throttled up the drive again and hit the accelerator to the floor right for the pigeon-toed machine.

“What are you doing?” asked Jan Mallark, the uneasy sensation filling his pit of a stomach as he watched the long haired Hunter smirk, then turn his attention back to the machine as they continued to approach at top speed.

“Like I said, I'm crazy!” Kase exclaimed.

Jan nodded with a disgruntled murmur, and wide-eyed disbelief, “Uh-huh...”

Meanwhile the Walker continued to try and fire it's main guns at the flying assailant to no avail. She was just too quick for them, and so one of the two operators attempted to pop out of the cockpit from the top hatch, and opened fire with his sidearm. Only to be met with incoming fire as well, and was quickly neutralized by barrage of laser fire, sending sparks flying everywhere down into the cockpit, along with a heaping dead body.

Sabril felt satisfaction for the kill, and now if only she would get the other one, then she'd be able to put this to bed, then figure out the next step in her now new plan she was making up on the fly. It was then she noticed the charging Speeder, and even she was a little dumbfounded at what was happening, as well as a little impressed. “Gutsy” she said to herself, then did a barrel roll out of the way as two large, bolts of super-heated plasma came her way and missed by mere inches.

The Imperial Walker's driver then noticed the approaching Speeder and tried to backpedal itself up a bit to avoid what seemed to be an on-head collision from what he could see. Still he managed to watch the vehicle on his sensor display and tried to get another lock-on. It only took a couple of seconds for him to achieve it and quickly brought a smile to the driver's black goggled face. “I have you now.”

“I have a bad feeling about this!” Jan shouted, then risked trying to leap out of the Speeder.

Kase allowed it and just kept on going, but just then he felt this strange sensation to quickly shift out of the way and did so, just as two bolts of explosive energy struck the ground where he once was. He then felt the sensation again and quickly moved in that direction, and another two bolts struck the ground, sending charred dirt up into the air around him. Another blast rocked him a little as it struck just before him, and sent debris up all around him, while the explosion caused the Speeder to bounce. Still he throttled to full power and continued his advancement. Kase was not going to let the incoming fire dissuade him from what he was trying to do.

Mashing the accelerator down again he pushed onward while his eyes never left the gaze of the Imp Pilot within the cockpit window. He could sense that he was making him uncomfortable now, and part of him relished that. Now he had an edge and was one-hundred percent positive his plan was about to work.

Jan however rolled along the dirt and grassy-patched ground to stop before watching what was taking place. Staggering to his feet he grabbed his aching shoulder, and then started to hurry off, until suddenly feeling himself being lifted back up into the air again. “What the!?”

“Where do you think you're going, bucko?”

“Unhand me!” shouted Mallark then relized how high was getting into the air and decided it was within his best interest to stay silent.

Still continuing to try and back away from the approaching Speeder the Pilot began to get worried of the approaching impact and quickly tried to turn the Walker away. At the same time Kase shifted the Speeder around, as he watched the legs begin to trip up a little, causing the machine to start to lose it's footing, he reached out his hand and concentrated his thoughts and feelings, and gave the clumsy mech a well needed push, sending it flopping over onto it's side with a loud crash and bang. Panels flipped off, the top hatch opened up wide, then slowly closed to about a crack. Smoke trailed off the motors, and the laser cannons were now too bent to risk firing.

Kase let out a good laugh at what he had just accomplished, and could hardly believe it himself that it worked, but it did. Quickly turning the vehicle around he scanned around the field for his escaped quarry and then noticed up in the air, Sabril coming in with him in hand, and dropped him into the back seat of the Speeder before taking off for the fallen Walker.

“Don't leave without me!” she shouted as she took off, and quickly started to reach around her belt, into one of the pouches.

“Right....,” he said and quickly spun the Speeder around again, and headed right for the burning heap of a dropship, this time hitting full throttle yet again. Only this time he attempted to send a boost of power through the underside's repulsar lift, programming it through the main console. Seeing that it was barely able to give the boost he needed, he attempted to by-pass it after breaking open the panel in the passenger's side, and switched around a few wires. It didn't take too long to show a more powerful surge building up on the little HUD display, with white bared graphics that blinked red. “Now that should work...”

“What are you doing!?” Jan questioned loudly over the engines, and noticed they were heading right for the burning mess that was now just a buckling, flaming ramp over the gate. “You can't be serious!? Oof!”

Kase decked him with a snap of a back-fist, knocking him out into the back seat and shouted, “Settle down!” That felt good, and made him wonder why he didn't do that any sooner. With that over with he punched it to max burn and flew like a gundark out of hell towards the blazing, mangled wreck of a ramp.

Sabril landed into a crouch near the top of the fallen Walker. She had a thermal detonator in her right hand and pushed the trigger switch up with her thumb as the door started to open, with the pilot attempting to stumble out. Quickly the Huntress commanded the backpack laser guns to pivot and open fire, sparks sprayed in both directions, making the pilot hurry back into the hole he just climbed out of, and before he could draw his blaster, Sabril threw the grenade in, and kicked the door shut. A second later she activated the jetpack and made a swift exit as the door suddenly opened again, only to have the explosion take out the Walker and her pilot in a blaze as he let out a weird, high-pitched scream.

It was then she noticed the Speeder heading over towards her wrecked ship. With a slight shake of her head, and a disapproving glare she quickly shot off towards them.

Speeding as fast as the vehicle could go, he watched and waited till coming right up on the burning heap of a ramp, timing it. With the flick of a switch he felt the front of the Speeder pop up as if it were doing wheelie and quickly shifted up, then once he felt he was close enough hit the throttle back down, and slammed down the accelerator. With a much needed burst of speed the vehicle charged up through the flames, along the scorched metal ramp, and flew up and over the gate. Coming down the other side caused a not to twist in his stomach, but Kase managed to hold on as he approached ground. With another flick of the switch, though briefly, he was able to pull the Speeder into a quick swoop back to normal and then pushed onward down the rocky pathway.

“Woah...,” he muttered under his breath, even though he was able to relax, that five or so seconds of sheer terror certainly woke him up. Fortunately it didn't distract him as he could feel the presence of Sabril getting closer, and then felt a bit of a dip in the backseat. Yet, before she was able to draw her blaster, he already had the rifle aimed back at her. “Sit down!”

“You think you can just leave me here!?” she exclaimed, holstering her blaster after realizing wherever she moved, his rifle followed without him even looking. “Well then....”

“Not like you wouldn't have done the same to me, Sabril!” he shouted back, “Just watch over him. He moves, knock him out again!”

“Well that's neither here nor there, and they blew up my ship, not yours!” she shouted back.

“Not my problem!”

“It is now, bucko!”

“Right....” replied Kase as he put the rifle down and just focused on the road.

Then it hit her, they were probably going to be followed by the rest of the base after all that commotion they brought on. Thankfully she planned ahead, and quickly turned around in the backseat, and brought up another thumb-sized, trigger device, and pressed it down. A couple moments later there was a muffled explosion, followed by several more, then came the billowing clouds of smoke that rose up into the sky above where the Imperial base laid, as exterior seemed to collapse down behind the white gate that ringed around the base. It brought a small smirk to her lips, then she spun back around and attempted to enjoy the ride.

“That solves that problem,” she said to herself as she placed her hands behind her head, and crossed her legs while leaning back against the beige, cushioned seat.

He pulled up into the clearing where his ship was, and there it had remained right where he parked it last. Several pops echoed out of the back end of the vehcile, as smoke trailed out of the scorched and damaged front end. Although the ground was now littered with bodies of dead Storm Troopers. Certainly it had seemed like they've seen some action before they arrived, and Kase hoped they were alright. From the look of things there was no scoring upon the ship either, but the Auto Blaster turret was still deployed, though smouldering from the end of the barrel now. He figured it was overheated.

Just when he pulled in around the front of the half-circular ship and brought it to a rolling stop, the ramp slowly deployed with a hiss and steam jets from under the wing that had the sat-dish pod attached to it. Then suddenly a small, brown-orange cloaked figure hoped down, holding a large barrel, hand blaster of sorts,a nd quickly pointed it in multiple directions before finally lowering it.

“Clear! Clear! And Clear!” Chur barked in Huttese and then spun back around to face his Captain. “What kept you!?”

“I was a little tied up, but got our bounty all the same,” Kase explained, pointing to the unconscious, lumped over form of Jan Mallark in the backseat with his thumb. Then he turned off the engine and hopped out of the Speeder.

“Yeah...?” said Chur, eyeing the brown haired woman in the back, “Who's she?”

“Your new partner in crime, my little friend!” she said, jumping out of hte back and waltzing around the rear of the Speeder.

“Passenger, not partner,” Kase stated firmly, then grabbed his duffel bag and marched around the front of the speeder towards the sleeping Jan, and Sabril who stood there leaning against the vehicle. “Your lucky I let you tag along, but that doesn't mean we're partners.”

“They blew up my ship, and I need the credits for a new one,” she quietly expressed with a hint of annoyance. “Couldn't we work something out where I can piggyback onto your crew for a while....,” she added, gently tracing a finger along the lines of the armored glove Kase had on still, “We could work well together.”

“You tried to steal my bounty, now you want me to trust you....”

“I'm sorry, but what's wrong with a little competition...?” Sabril asked mildly innocently, “Especially when things are all well and under control. When both parties have a way to get off world. Unlike now.”

“Sabril...,” Kase sighed, “I don't trust you as far as I can throw you...”

“With that trick of yours that I saw you pull on the Walker...,” she muttered under, eyes shifting to the side.

Kase let out another sigh, and just simply shook his head until he heard a cacophony of beeping and sounds as DG-40 came swirling down the ramp and into view of everyone. Kase turned about and walked a few steps ahead as he understood what the little egg-droid was saying.

“Imperial Corvette just jumped into orbit!” shouted Chur as he wailed both arms up into the air, then held onto his head while panicking.

“We have to go,” Kase said turning back to Sabril who was already hoisting the unconscious Warlord across her shoulders, using her Cyborg-like strength.

“We'll discuss this later,” they both said in unison, then hurried on board after DG, with Chur in toe.

After they boarded the ship it didn't take them long to take off for the atmosphere. It passed by some and flew through other clouds as it began it's ascent for space. The glow of the late afternoon sun shone brought against the bronze-brass hull of the half-circled vessel which had a long pod with a satellite dish on one side, and a round, puck-like dual gunnery pod on the other.

Inside the cockpit Kase worked the controls, and flipped a few of the switches above him on the upper panel, lighting up some panels, and activating the appropriate systems for entering space. Then suddenly they went out, and he slapped the side of the box panel, switching them back on again with a few sound echoing forth from the device. That was better, and sometimes you just needed a low tech solution to a high-tech problem during crunch time.

The middle door in the back of the confined, dual-seated cockpit swooshed open tot he right and left, and in came Sabril who braced herself against the right wall with one hand, and the other braced upon the top of Kase's seat as she leaned in. She was curious about the vessel she heard so much about from second-hand hearsay, and word-of-mouth. Honestly she was a little impressed with the clunker of a ship that seemed to be retrofitted quite a bit from what she was able to tell from he brief viewing of the interior.

“So this is the Gilded Glaive?” she asked while admiring the interior of the cockpit, and how Kase was piloting it, “Not bad.”

“Thanks, now take a seat, we're not out of the woodwork yet,” said Kase, punching a few more buttons up towards the top of the console. “It's gonna take a bit to get the coordinates from the navi-computer, and we got company incoming.”

Kase then attached a small, white headset to his right ear and began to speak into the small mic, “DG, man the guns.” Then he turned to Sabril and pointed to a panel on the wall with a bunch of toggle switches, miscellaneous coloured buttons and turn dials, “Wanna help? Angle the deflector shields.”

“Gotcha,” she answered and began to work the controls after taking the seat beside Kase.

On the far right of the ship, DG-40 rolled his way down a short corridor and into the circular, puck-shaped area of the vessel, where the top and bottom, twin tri-barrel auto-laser turrets were located. Though instead of the laddered tube down or up to the either turret, he plugged himself into a port in the wall. After a few turns of the extended, drill-like key-tool he managed to gain access tot he sensors and camera's within the twin turrets, and began to operate them with perfect synchronicity.

Then suddenly he beeped his response that he was ready over the com-link to the cockpit. Although the droid felt a pang of nervousness within it's circuitry, he was going to try his best to wipe out whoever came within his cross-hairs.

Up inside each turret station's main targeting computer powered up, and light up black, with red grid-like pattern that shifted into a split into two, one on top and the other bottom, while that target's image blinked into view in between the boarders. It was that of a TIE Fighter. Then several m more started to blink into various elevations for a total of four.

“Oh boy...,” meeped DG-40 as he turned his head and had this worried strae within the dark mono-eye, if a droid could have such a thing.

Harsh screams of the twin-ion engines roared as the four winged-ball shaped Fighter craft approached on an attack vector for the Gilded Glaive. Each one maned by a single, black suited pilot with the soul purpose of blasting them out of the sky.

Even Kase could feel their raging intent from a far as they approached. “Here they come,” he said under his breath.

“This is where the fun begins,” Sabril said giving Kase a smirk as she manned the other side of the main console, nad continued to watch the deflector shield status.

“You're go to open up on them, DG-40,” Kase said into the mic, and then began to work his hands upon the controls, making the ship tilt to an angle, and veer in between the four Fighters as they began to fire their laser cannons.

Explosions rocked along the surface of the Gilded Glaive as it passed in between them as the green botls struck the shields. Red bolts also returned in a circular pattern from above as so below, and managed to take one of them down ina fiery plum, at least one of the crafts in the lower, right hand corner. The rest managed to evade the incoming shots, and attempted to pursue them again, opening up as soon as their barrels were aimed within their general direction, regardless of the lock-on.

Green bolts struck along the top of the ship causing more explosive flashes along the shield, while inside the lights blinked off and on a few times, then came a few bursts of sparks from console stations and behind panels, due to the surge in the power grid. Then The three Fighters then came in a swarm and attacked from different angles, but the barrage being fired back made it that much more difficult for them, causing most of their shots to miss.

Quickly Kase managed to manoeuvre the Glaive into a barrel roll as the Fighter's regrouped and opened up again with their twin laser cannons. Several shots ricocheted off the angled deflectors thankfully. But then he noticed that several more were on an intercept course for them from orbit, once the sensor screen light up light a Christmas tree.

“Great,” Kase said under his breath, 'More of them.”

Sabril then noticed that the shields were weakened. “Rerouting power to deflectors,” she said, starting to press the appropriate buttons, and flipped up a few switches.

“No, we have to break out of the atmosphere,” he explained as he hit a few switches upon a nearby panel, “Just re-angle the deflectors while I divert power to the engines. I'm gonna punch us a hole.”

With that the Glaive righted itself on the ascent vector and blazed the four, cylindrical sub-light engines at full burn, which shone a bright orange-yellow hue. From the descent angle came another four TIE Fighters on an intercept course, their Ion Engines screaming at full speed through the air. Then suddenly they started to open fire, sending twin bolts of green plasma their way. Yet with the deflectors re-angled, most shots managed to bouce off, until one struck hard against the panel covering the shield generator.

“Generator's been hit!” Sabril exclaimed while attempting to activate the fire suppression-system. Then she started to re-angle the deflectors again to compensate the damage. “Compensating!”

In the engine bay Chur ran back and forth between the sub-light manifold and the shield console. Sparks were showering all over the place from damaged being sustained due to the power surges after those last few direct hits. Yet he managed to grab the right tools along the way to each area, and managed to do minor repairs, and fusions to some parts that were starting need to be re-routed and re-wired. At the very same time he complained endlessly in his native tongue, until stopping suddenly as he felt the ship perform another evasive, and placed a hand over his mouth, holding back the urge to hurl.

“Navi-computer confirms course for Nevarro!” yelled Sabril from the left wall console while she leaned up against it, bracing herself as the Glaive flew erratically around the incoming fire. “Any time now, Lero!”

“Hold on to something!” he shouted, and pulled a lever. Sabril's gut reaction was to grab the back of Kase's seat, and did so without a second thought just as the ship flew straight up, causing the two waves of reaming Fighters to collide into each other. Several of them exploded, but a couple manged to right themselves and give chase.

DG quickly spun around both turrets and took aim once more, this time with perfect accuracy as he opened up with a burst of red laser bolts from each set of barrels. Flurries of red plasma rained down upon the pursuing TIEs and struck gold, as one lost a wing, and the other took it right in the cockpit, leaving the explosive aftermath within their wake as they approached the stratosphere.

It didn't take them long to breach orbit, although the Imperial Raider Class Corvette was there lying in wait for them, probably charging up their tractor beam. That was thea assumption they all had as it came into view open the wide, opened cockpit window. It wasn't as big as a Star Destroyer, but it was pretty close enough. Still the sight of one of these things was terrifying all around, especially when on your own and no back-up to call upon. Capture meant certain death to any who were unfortunate enough to find themselves within the Imperial Remnant's clutches.

“Charge up the main gun,” Kase spoke into the headset.

“You're gonna attack them? Are you mad, Lero!?” questioned Sabril.

Kase turned his gaze to her a moment, letting her know he was indeed serious, but still he replied anyways to reassure her, “Trust me.”

“Ok then...,” she muttered and took a seat, checking the nearly depleted shields, and tried to yet again re-angle them. Even though knowing they wouldn't be up for long against the firepower of such a vessel.

The young, blond haired Lieutenant watched upon the monitor as the small, TZ-2500 Modded Corvette approached. Her face half covered in shadow, and half illuminated by light grid aesthetics from the consoles before her on the bridge. She was ever confident her crew, and felt rather proud to have arrived in the nick of time to save her Liege.

“Prepare the tractor beam!” she shouted to the operators, then turned her head to the left towards the gunnery stations, “Turbo Laser Batteries, disable them!”

“Aye, Lieutenant Coreli.” came the replies from both station commanders.

Upon the top and bottom of the engine block of the wedge-shaped Imperial vessel, small, square tractor beam projects deployed from hidden compartments. Along the port side of the hull, several turbo laser turrets began to pivot in the direction of the Gilded Glaive. Then suddenly they opened fire, sending dual bolts of green, destructive energy in their general direction.

“Switch deflectors tot he front, and divert power!” Kase ordered, then started to perform evasives.

Sabril followed through and quickly adjusted the shield's angles while tapping away on the console, diverting secondary power systems. Or at least what she assumed were the secondaries. It wasn't the main gun or the engines she was drawing from from what she could tell by the readout. “Done.”

The Glaive approached the onslaught of turbo laser fire from an attack vector, and quickly bobbed and weaved around several bolts, with only a few striking off the hull of the ship, flashing with minor explosions. Then as they came into range, their twin, forward cannons began to blast away, sending twin red bolts of energy back at the enemy vessel. One, two, three turbo laser turrets were struck by the incoming fire, while the rest strafed along the shielded hull, sending out explosive flashes. While the turrets surged and glowed with reddish-orange energy all over them, and they stopped moving and firing.

“They disabled some of our turbo lasers!” shouted an officer.

“Here they come on attack vector, three-one-four decimal two-seven!” shouted another from the sensor array stations.

“Increase fire power from the residing turrets!” Coreli shouted angrily as the panic began to settle in now realizing they had Ion tech aboard their vessel. “Re-angle our bridge deflector!”

“That won't be enough against Ion Cannons, ma'am,” replied her XO quietly.

“I do realize that, Lieutenant Jenkins!” she whispered sternly, then barked over tot he tractor beam stations, “Tracot beam!”

“Aye, sir!” came the replies.

“They will not escape once they try to fly passed our projectors, so it matters little if they disable some of our guns,” Coreli stated confidently, placing her hands behind her back as hse puffed out her chest proudly.

Switch the TZ 2500 rolled out of the way, then swooped under another barrage of lasers, then tilted to the right to help deflect another stray shot with the shield. All the while they continued their firing against the turrets, disabling them as they went, clearing a path over the ship. Then the closer they came to the bridge they opened up more upon it. Several bolts struck, sending a mild surges around certain parts of the ship.

“Chur, hit the jammer!” called Kase over the headset.

“Roger!” replied the Jawa engineer as he ran over to the station near on the front left of the engine room, and quickly brought up the jammer system. It didn't take long for him to set it up and begin the jamming sequence from the main dish. Still he was panicking as they were right close to the belly of hte beast now, regardless of how well things were going. The shields being what they were from the other readout made him that much more anxious.

“Jammer is broadcasting!” Chur stated over the comm-link.

Quickly the Claive spun around and around as Kase used the angled shields to deflect the rest of the bolts as they came at them from multiple directions. Explosive flashes rocked the hull however, sending surges through some of hte systems, like the ion cannons, and turrets, knocking them out as consoles exploded.

DG beeped long and loudly as he was jettisoned from the port in the wall by an arc of electricity, and smashed into the back wall.

“Alright, we're getting out of here,” said Kase as he punched the engines to full and pushed up a twin-barred throttle lever.

Sabril and him watched as the stars began to streak and in a blink of a n eye they jumped into hyperspace, entering the swirling, bluish energy tunnel.

“They... they... jammed our tractor beam,” said Jenkins as he marched up to Coreli as some of the lights came back on, revealing hte mute grey coloured interior of the bridge.

“Dank Farrik,” she cursed, slamming her hands against her station as she leaned foward against it. “They have our Leader too... Can we tract them?”

“They disabled our long range sensor array as well,” came Jenkins second report while glancing over towards the station, noticing the screens flickering and sparking.

“Lieutenants!” shouted another officer, “Our breaking thrusters won't fire! We're entering the stratosphere and I can't stop our decent!”

Coreli and Jenkins both shared a look of sheer terror as the news they just received. Neithr one of htem certain of what they were going to do about it. Losing or abandoning their ship was the last thing they needed right now.

“How long do we have?” Coreli asked her helmsman.

“Hour at most I give it, sir,” she replied.

Coreli and Jenkins just looked at each other, then they parted to go and try to come up with some sort of plan to avoid the loss of their vessel. It was there or start to call this backwater world home they surmised.

“Blasted Bounty Hunters....,” Jenkins muttered as he marched towards the rear of the bridge.

They sat there in the cockpit as they traveled the hyperspace tunnel. Flipping a few switches from time to time, adjusting things, and switching off non-essential systems Kase monitored the sensors and assessed the damage they had taken. Sabril however watched the tunnel of energy for a long while, just mulling over her predicament, and hoped maybe, just maybe, things would work out in her favour. Although she was uncertain of whether to b ring it up now or not. Then Kase after hitting a couple switches tot he wall panel to the left of him, turned to face her calmly. Sabril glanced over, then slowly turned to face him as well nervously.

“So...,” he said.



In a large, open, dark chamber with a raised, circular platform, under-lit by sinister red light laid black, horizontal tube connected by twin bars on the floor. There was a sudden hiss as steam jets expelled up from the floor around it from four moving ports that circled about the tube. Slowly the tube raised upward and the sides slid open with a pop and whine, then the front began to lower a steam jet stopped in from of it, continuing to expel into the air, creating a field of mist around the whole platform.

Suddenly the front of hte pod, it's door cut through the jet, and slammed heavy upon the striped, metal plating. There was a moment of silence as the whine ceased and a shallow breath inhaled, then slowly exhaled forth as a thing, v-shaped red light blinked on in the field of mist.

Then came a clank of a heavy foot fall, another, another, and finally a tall, armoed, and caped figure in black emerged. His head coverd by a helmet with twin, sharp smooth protrusions on the sides of hte helmet that gave a V-like appearance. With the thin, red, V-visor pierced the darkness. Finally, he had awoken.


And thus ends chapter one. It was a pretty good romp of an escape. Some nice touch of humorous moments as well. At least for now the crew has increased by one even if it's temporary. And Kase may or may not have a little something in his blood if I'm reading things right. And we might have something similar to a dark lord at the end there. Great job.
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Mar 27, 2005
Working on the next installment, but for now here's the PROLOGUE/ TEASER:

It was grey and cloudy, yet bright as the sun tried to punch through the overcast sky. Ships came and went, while people went about their business in the streets, minding their vendor stations. Although there wasn't a major crowd, there was still enough going about their day. Then a man with squiggly, short, dark brown hair clad in beige and black clothing with a blaster strapped to his hip, came to stop at the end of the street. Several people started to take notice and quickly parted out of the way, looking in both directions.

Kase casually walked into view as droids and people moved out of the way, transporting their goods into a nearby alleyway, away from the incoming commotion they assumed was about to be had. Kase then stopped, and slowly pushed the right side of his long coat back behind his hip-strapped blaster.

There they stood, about eight meters apart eyeing one another. Each of them wasn't sure who would make the first move, but the gunslinger was feeling pretty confident, although disappointed as well. Kase on the other hand was a little nervous, but who wasn't during one of these situations? Still he didn't let it show and just kept up the stare, doing his best to remain calm as possible.

“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold. But I'm bringing you in.”

“Remember what I said, Lero?”

“Yeah...,” he muttered under his breath, wiggled his fingers to get the flow back into them as they started to feel a little numb.

“Then we have come to that impasse, friend,” replied the Gunslinger as he flipped the strapped open on his blaster, allowing him to un-holster it now.

Several moments passed as each gunman felt their pulses quicken and the sound of their hearts beating loudly in their ears. Then... they drew.


Professionally Insane
Mar 27, 2005

Early the next morning while the ship carried Kase and crew through hyperspace still, the long, dark haired man rubbed his goatee while he sat down at a narrow, rectangular table. Puzzled he was staring down at a mess of parts and components, with few special tools to either side including a fusion torch. Being uncertain with where to begin he gently closed his eyes, and took a slow, deep breath, and allowed himself to calm down. Really he just had to start somewhere, and the newest component - the spiked, port riddled, blue power cycler seemed like any good place to begin. Grabbing some other thin, tube-like components, along with a rounded, cylindrical black and silver casing, he started to fuse them together.

Spark flashes and loud buzzing echoed within the confines of his small width, though lengthy, dingy, gunmetal looking quarters. For a moment he had stopped and listened for any sound of movement outside, but there was only the rumbling hum of the ships systems, which brought him back to relaxing and continuing his work. Next he attached to the bottom spiked end, a flat bottomed pommel with grill slit sections around the end ring, which held the power cell.

After he had completed the bottom and partial mid-section of the cylindrical device he was attempting to craft, Kase held it within his hand and gave it a once over. Seemed pretty solid he thought, and then gently placed it down upon the table. So far that was enough for now, aside from lacking stabilizer and magnetic focusing components, it was almost complete. Then he heard a swoosh-swoosh of a door opening outside, and quickly placed the tech away into a hidden compartment in his shelf wall.


Kase Lero stood outside the door to his quarters which slid closed behind him a moment after. Clad in a short-sleeved white shirt, grey pants, and his belt with thigh holster, and blaster strapped in it, he gave the round hall a look around, and heard some noises coming from door the left hand side, passed the cockpit and other crew quarters along the adjacent side.

“Guess someone's up,” Kase thought aloud, and the considered he might as well get something to eat as well, after being up for a couple hours.

Casually he made h is way around the corridor towards the kitchen and once there it took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the brighter lights. Inside he noticed both DG-40 and Chu sitting upon the semi-round booth and small round table, which seemed big enough for them to. Chur was enjoying a bowl of porridge from what Kase could tell, and gave them a wave. “Morning, fellas.”

“Morning, Boss,” replied Chur between bites of the grainy slop that he was enjoying.

DG also beeped out a greeting as well, giving a little wave with one of his ball-tipped tendrils.

With a smile, Kase wandered over towards the small, beat-up, metal refrigeration unit. Pulled the flap handle to release the seal, and opened it to find the it barely stocked. Including a missing piece of meat he was considering frying up to chow down on. “Alright...!” Kase said loudly then slowly turned his gaze back towards the two little crew members, specifically Chur.

The Egg-shaped metallic droid simply looked back and forth between them, while noticing Chu staring in confusion towards a disapproving Kase.

“What?” Chur asked.

“Did you eat my steak?” questioned Kase a bit sternly, closing the fridge and turning to face his mechanic.

“If I did, do you think I'd be eating this Dank Farrik slop?” Chur said gesturing to the bowl before him.


“NO!” replied Chur waving both arms, “It wasn't me, I swear. Even DG will vouch for me.”

DG simply beeped his confirmation that Chur had not taken the steak from the kitchen, as he was with him all morning in the engine room, working on shield repairs.

Resting a hand against hte top of the refrigeration unit and the other upon his hip, agitated Captain shook his head low, finally cluing in on the next obvious culprit. Not doubt it was her, it had to be. “Dank Farrik....” With that he briskly walked out of the kitchen and towards the adjacent crew quarters, the one on the far right, and knocked upon the door a couple of times, loudly.

DG and Chur quickly got up from their seats and poked their heads out from around the doorway, watching intently, curious at how this was about to go down. Honestly both of them with a little too excited, but Chur didn't really care. To him this was to be some really good drama.

“Hey, DG, meal and a show, ha ha!” quietly uttered the Jawa. Then he quickly rifled through his pockets and took out a small, holorecording device.

“Are you serious?” DG-40 asked with a whirling combination of beeps and boops.

“Come on, we don't get this entertainment often!” Chur answered, holding hte recorder lens up to his right eye. “Oh yeah.”

Bang, bang, bang he rapped upon the metal door, “Sabril I know you're in there, we need to talk!”

The door slid open soon after revealing Sabril with her brown hair undone, down passed her shoulders, one arm stretching behind her head, and the other holding onto the remains of a meaty-sandwich. Also she was clad in a long, white, baggy shirt that reached the tops of her knees, while the rest of her reamined bear, with one foot upon arched upon her toes.

“Mmmmm....,” she moaned as she enjoyed the last of the sandwich with her eyes closed and a beaming smile from ear-to-ear.

Kase stood there stunned, annoyed and started to wave a finger as he tried to find the right words to begin this conversation. “Honestly, I dunno where to begin,” he said.

“Let me just say that that sandwich was the most delicious thing I”ve had...,” she stopped and swallowed while she thought for a second, opening one eye, then turned her full gaze back to Kase, “In a while.”

“That was mine... I was saving it. I was saving it and you ate it,” Kase replied, waving his finger up and down slightly.

“Oh come now, what was I supposed to do? Starve?” she asked,

“Ok, I let you come aboard, I give you quarters,” Kased began, “And that cut was expensive. Took me a month to scrounge up enough creds to even get that much.”

“Haven't you heard of sharing? Anyways, I didn't see your name on it. Figured it was fair game,” Sabril replied giving him a once over, “Besides you owe me.”

“I didn't blow up your damn ship!” Kase exclaimed, hunching over and gesturing with his hands.

“No, for dinner you didn't show up for, during that one job on Naboo,” Sabril explained, “They only allowed couples in that place, so they basically shooed me off. Missed out on a great meal that night, and good company.” She looked away, then back to Kase, hoping to see some kind of reaction.

“I work alone, I don't do partners, haven't had the best experience with them,” he said firmly, and then let out a deep sigh, “I don't like mixing business with pleasure either.”

Sabril felt a twinge of disappointment, but tried to quickly blow it off, “Of course you don't.” She looked away again, then placed both hands upon her hips, and then narrowed her gaze into his eyes as she leaned in closer, “How do you even live?”

“I live just fine,” he replied, then as he took a step back he noticed that she was wearing one of his shirts. “That's one of mine. How'd you?”

“You're a heavy sleeper, and besides, I needed something comfy to sleep in!”

“You broke into my quarters last night....?”

“I didn't want to disturb you, I thought I was being considerate enough.”

“Apparently not enough to ask me what you could eat.”

“Apparently!” she replied with a smile. “Always better to ask for forgiveness, then permission. Family motto.” Sabril then took a step back into the room, and pressed a button upon the side panel, “Now if you'll excuse me... I need to get ready.”

Just then the mild, mono-toned beeping came from the overhead speakers, alerting them they were about to arrive within a system, and needed prepare to exit hyper space soon.

“So cozy by the way,” she said, tugging upon the shirt, then gave a subtle wave as the door slid shut before her.

“Dank Farrik...,” uttered Kase under his breath. He wasn't done yet, no matter how many circles she'd tried to run him around. Then with a heavy sigh he marched on over, and down a small hall into the cockpit of the ship.

“Well... are you finished?” beeped DG-40, looking look at Chur.

The Jawa mechanic then placed the holo-cam away into a pouch in his belt, “Done. Now... Nevarro, here we come!”

Under the deck platting of the far right, rounded corridor sat their quarry upon a small, wall mountes seat, the ex-Imperial Warlord, Jan Mallark. There he was, slumped over, sighing, hat scrunched up within his gloved hands. His eyes looked down upon the grated flooring beneath him.

“And I thought I had problems,” he uttered quietly to himself.



An the joys of letting new people into your group and they don't know the boundries. If they respected said boundaries to begin with lol. A good beginning to this latest chapter, nice job.