Star wars original trilogy opening crawls with voiceovers (in the style of tom kane)

Hey guys when I watched tom kane's narration from the beginning of every clone wars episodes and the crawl along with his voiceover from some of the later Lego Star Wars specials including a voiceover along with the crawl from the beginning of chapter 2 of flash gordon conquers the universe (one of the series that inspired star wars) They inspired me to do the same thing but only to the original trilogy opening crawls all i did was insert my voice to the opening crawls of the original film trilogy (from a new hope to return of the jedi) using adobe premiere pro and make it as the voice over for the series.

Star wars (1977)-Episode IV a new hope Begins from 00:46-1:26

Star wars-The Empire strikes Back (1980) Begins from 00:43-1:22

Star Wars : Return of the Jedi (1983) Begins from 00:44-1:20


So tell me what you think? Leave your comments in both youtube and this thread.

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