Star Wars Battlefront II Getting Rise Of Skywalker Stuff

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Jun 20, 2012
It’s always cool when Star Wars games that are already out receive bonus material relating to upcoming movies. The tradition goes back to a Naboo starfighter being nestled inside the code for N64’s Rogue Squadron — it was unlocked with a password that Lucasfilm only revealed after Episode 1’s release. Pretty cool.
Sadly, due to the ease of DLC patches and the modern ability of hackers to inspect every last inch of a game’s innards, the days of hiding unrevealed Star Wars lore in a game are over. But the tradition still continues, in a sense, with bonus content that will be added to Star Wars Battlefront II starting tomorrow.
On December 17 we’ll get:
New Reinforcements 
 Four additional sequel era reinforcements deploy on the battlefront! Protected by a striking red armor, the Infiltrator class Sith trooper of the First Order excels in speed and advanced weaponry to hunt down and destroy anyone standing in the way.
An extremely nimble Aerial Reinforcement, the new and overhauled...

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