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One week from now, run-and-gun shooter fans will be able to play Star Titan on their mobile devices.
The game takes place in a future where humanity has colonized most of the galaxy, and all races live in peace…until an evil military organization called the Terran Conglomerate, who believe humans should rule over all other beings, starts aggressively conquering worlds. The good humans want to help the aliens defeat the Terran Conglomate, and they hide them on a distant planet, where they build powerful war machines to take the galaxy back.
Now they’re ready to fight. But it’s not gonna be a cakewalk….at least, for video gaming’s sake, we should hope not. The Muraninans have to make it through four large areas raining with bullets and explosives, and face off against gigantic bosses in the TC’s employ.
At launch, you’ll have two different mechs to use: the Phoenix, which moves fast yet has less firepower, and the Behemoth, which packs serious heat but moves more sluggishly. You...
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