Stan Lee Turns 100 Years Old Today

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fun bridge monkey
I adore this man and all of his MCU cameos. His comics made characters who became my friends during the times no one wants to be my friend. He is pillar of the comic book industry and things doesn't feel the same without him. There is only one Stan Lee.


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Me Too, I miss seeing him making cameos in Marvel Movies. Now it seemed like Kevin Feige is the new Stan Lee, He is not an iconic comics writer but he runs MCU and he makes cameos.

Saint Joyce

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Sad that him and Grumpy cat are both gone. I like watching him in Marvel Hero hour dvd collection of my dad as a kid.

They should make a movie or disney plus limited series about his life. He have a very interesting journey to get what he achieved.You, Stan Lee, are responsible for the creation of the characters that we enjoy and cherish. You are responsible for our excellent imagination.


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Millions of people can thank Stan Lee for their determination to dream. It's incredible how far-reaching this man's influence has been and how far it will go thanks to the legacy he's left behind. He played a crucial role in creating the modern superhero genre. Happy birthday, and many, many thanks for everything you've done in your life so far!

The Zyborg

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Satan and Jesus, I am willing to give you Vladimir Putin, Ebrahim Raisi and Andrew Tate in exchange of a healthy living Stan Lee on his prime. Three souls for one, not a bad trade.

Sweet Child o Mine

Love and Thunder
When I was a kid, I was bullied, and Stan was the one who got me through it. If not for him and the characters he created, I doubt I would be here with you today. My love for the Marvel Comics, the Marvel Animated Universe, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) began when I was a young boy. This gratitude for having these experiences will last a lifetime.

Love Cushion

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Dear Stan, Words cannot express how much I appreciate all you've done to inspire readers like myself to enjoy stories of all kinds. You will be remembered forever for the immense impact you had on the world of popular culture. Millions of people all over the world will always hold fond memories of you in their hearts. Excelsior!


On the occasion of his 100th birthday, we'd like to pay tribute to him for creating this timeless masterpiece, without which the superhero genre would be impossible to exist. We recognize your sacrifice in not being here, but we still want to thank you eternally for making sure we have this information to this day. Remember Stan forever.


Stanley is the founder of Marvel comics and because of him we are seeing movies, and Tv shows about Superheroes and this is one of my favorite genres.


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I am more of manga fan than a Western Comics fan but I feel an impact when Stan Lee died. I wish my favorite mangakas Akira Toriyama and Hirohiko Araki will live longer so they have more stories to write.


Stan Lee was a legend and an inspiration for everyone that likes to read comics and is interested in Superheroes, Marvel Tv shows which many of us are so he will be remembered for a long long time.

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