Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne becomes a series of songs with continues Narrative

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Stacy’s Mom is the only Mainstream hit of the Pop-rock band Fountains of Wayne. The song becomes an iconic part of the early 2000s. The song may have been criticized for objectifying a woman, but it also empowers older women. Sadly, We will never get to hear this song performed live by Fountains of Wayne again. Unfortunately, its vocalist Adam Schlesinger passed away. He died because of Covid 19 but his legend lives on. The song is about Stacy, who likes a boy, but she doesn’t know he is more interested in her Mom. The song spawned sequels in covers with alterations to the lyrics. Listen to these songs in order, and you get a whole narrative. I didn’t include the covers that didn’t change the lyrics.
Here is the complete story of Stacy’s Mom
Stacy has romantic feelings for a boy who is her schoolmate at school but its one sided. She hangs...

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Can someone please Buy Stacy her own house so her family will stop ruining her love life? Dudette must have good looking genes to have family members like that. I have no idea that this record has many sequels. It reminds me of the song from Eamon that got a reply version.


Fountains of Wayne Is one of my favourite early 2000s bands. Sad that they end up being a one-hit-wonder because they have an array of beautiful songs worthy of your ears. Adam Schlesinger's death saddens me because it makes me feel like my childhood hero died because of Covid. I am getting my boosters shots to make sure I will protect people that I love from Covid. I am getting emotional for this one.


The Little boy who played Stacy's boyfriend in the Music video looks like this now. He is all grown up.

Stacy is also grown up now. She is now a Painter and sculpturist in Instagram.


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The Stacy CInematic Universe. 😁🤣🤪
There is a Japanese horror film titled Stacy, It's about a virus that turned all teenage girls in the world into flesh eating zombies. Stacy is the name of the first zombie.


I think Stacy suffered a lot of love syndrome here. Firstly she loves her school mate who ended up not loving her back. But when she decides to move with her father then her next boyfriend destroys everything with her love life. Even her grandma and brother steals boyfriends of hers too.

So interesting story in deed.


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Her dad is the worst offender because three times, LOL her best friend and next two boyfriends for fall him.Her mom will always be the classic though, she started it all. Is Stacy cursed?


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The last part of Stacy becoming an empty husk with no emotions and fears commitment makes me sad but I cannot blame her after what she has been through.


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Stacy's brother ,Stacy's song and Stacy are the best sequels because they have their own melodies and they are not parodies.


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The Psychologist who gives her therapy must be happy from all the money he got from Stacy because she is emotionally damaged multiple times in a row.


Fountains of Wayne is one of my favorite bands and I still remember those Golden days when I used to sing their songs but sad to know of the demise of Adam Schlesinger but they will be remembered for their art.
The Psychologist who gives her therapy must be happy from all the money he got from Stacy because she is emotionally damaged multiple times in a row.
He is just doing his job and giving the required help. I hope there will be no Stacy's Sister Song because Stacy had enough

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