Squid Game: The Challenge is going to have a global audition! Yes Finally a Reality Show that accepts contestants from around the world. Squid Game: The Challenge is going to be a Reality Show that will garner over 456 contestants from around the world.
Youtuber, Mr. Beast Did something similar but with a smaller pot money and only had American Candidates.  Unlike the Real Show, You won’t die  from losing the games, so there is nothing to lose. Netflix will provide $4.56 Million to the winner. You can send your audition at :
The Applicants must be at least 21 years of age. You have to be legal to travel outside your country. You have to upload a 1 minute video explaining what will you do with the $4.56 Million. I already passed my own application, so who knows maybe we might meet as competitors. I don’t know if there is a...

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I am going to sign up! I am not afraid of losing. I am Afraid of getting an invisible edit because there are 456 contestants and only people with larger than life personality will have screen time. I want to get screen time so I will gain fans and I can start a career with Cameo.


Life sucks =(
$4.56 Million dollars can put me on early retirement. I will try to manifest positivity so I will get accepted on the show. Contestants will not die so there is no risk joining. I don't think people will remember me if I lose.


I am not sure if I will watch this but screw it! I will audition for that cash prize! I am tired of being poor! I want to look VIP and dress like Anna Delvey.


WTF Netflix! This is against the message the Squid Game is trying to convey. It is a criticism to capitalism and the game show spin off screams capitalism.


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Chrissy Teigen got cancel cultured for hosting a Squid Game party for her rich friends. Now we have Billionaires making a real Squid Game with real people.😂

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Squid Game but no one dies? I watched Squid Game because people die! What is the point of watching a neutered family friendly Squid Game.


I want to Audition, Are the players going to play the exact games from the show or are they going to be surprised with different games.

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