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Squid Game: The Challenge needs more contestants. A Season of Survivor or Big Brother takes months before they get to have a final cast. This Game Show needs 456 contestants from around the world. They need to cast more people to have a compelling batch of people for this Reality competition. Squid Game is currently the number one show on Netflix. For a small budget show, It made Netflix Billions of dollars.
Lee Jung-Jae, who played Seong Gi-hun, just recently won an Emmy. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk conceptualized this script ten years ago, but it got rejected, and Netflix gave him a chance. Now he just won an Emmy and is the first Korean director to do so. Hoyeon was a losing contestant in Korea’s Next Top...

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This Spin Off really goes against the message of the show. Its a criticism of Capitalism and now they are making the most capitalist move. LOL


I definitely want to join but it will be a waste of time if there is no consolation prize. Imagine how bad it is to be a runner up.
I can Survive Red Light Green Light, Dalgona and even Tug o War but it looks like they will adds Ddakji. In Mr.Beasts version of Squid Game all women got eliminated in Ddakji because they do not have the upper body strength to make those paper origami cards to flip. I can even win the Marbles but Ddakji will be my end. I think they will use Ddakji to replace Glass Bridge or it could be the final round.


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Netflix, You're requesting more applications, but I've already sent one in. My dreams must have died after all! I've always loved reading stories about games that end in death as well as stories about games in general. I have a huge debt to them because I have autism. I swear that if the Casting Team were to get in touch with me via the phone or video chat, I would prove that I could bring something to the show that would enhance the overall enjoyment of the audience and provide some encouragement.


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I applied, but I don't believe they were interested in me because I never heard from them after the interview. I could have used the money better elsewhere, though. They might find my character to be too uninteresting to employ on TV. They can be searching for bipolar individuals who are prone to having fits of rage in order to stir up drama.


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If you'd like me to join you in this game, please let me know. I've been training for it for a while now, so I say, "Bring it on!" Even if I finish dead last, I'll be happy just to be in London.


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To be honest, I was shocked that they still had trouble recruiting enough players, given that some potential applicants apparently shied away from the opportunity out of fear that they would be killed in the game. Taking part in this made my cousin fear for her life.
The victor of this competition will not only receive monetary compensation, but also global renown. I plan to apply right away. It's possible that I won't be one of the lucky few to be selected from among millions of applicants. If you're looking to take some risks and experience new things, I highly recommend applying.


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What is the mechanic of the Squid Game Korean children's game? It looks like tag you are it. If I will figure that out then I will have the confidence to join.


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This crap is going against the message of the original show. Not going to support this.
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