Square's New Passion: Ports

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Square's New Passion: Ports

Last weekend, at the Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas, it was rumored Square might have a big announcement waiting. Hopes went up as the host walked off the stage to make room for the debut of a new trailer from the company.

The lights dimmed, the screen lit up, and the Square-Enix logo faded away....and then the Final Fantasy VII logo appeared, resulting in massive cheers from the audience of Square fans, who as anyone following games knows, have been demanding a remake of this game...
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They honestly should be ashamed of themselves. You don't troll your fanbase maliciously and expect no one to walk out. Personally, I say every single person in that ROOM should have walked out. See how much of a smile would have been on that guy's face when they turn their backs to him.

If people want something and they're willing to buy it, why not cater to them? You KNOW they have a high love of this game since it was the first Final Fantasy to have 3D graphics and such a story to it that they cried. Why torment them, you evil corporate jerks?

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