Square Releases Four-Minute Final Fantasy 16 Trailer

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Square Enix decided not to wait for any special occasion to release the latest trailer for Final Fantasy 16, and just threw it out there. Here’s what we can gather from the newest glimpse at the next mainline game in the series.
Final Fantasy 16 takes place in the realm of Valisthea, home to several medieval-styled countries at perpetual war with one another. Summons have always been a part of FF, but here they take center stage as a powerful tool of war, called Eikons. Expect to see Ifrit, Garuda, Bahamut, Shiva and others make grand appearances. The story’s central character, a warrior named Clive Rosfield, is on a “a dark and dangerous road to revenge.”
If you ask this reporter, the most crucial thing about a Final Fantasy is its story and characters. An FF needs a gripping story to keep you playing, and compelling characters to give that story meaning. Unfortunately these are things the series has been sagging on ever since the merger with Enix and the move to a “realistic” art...

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The music is extremely beautiful! Hats out to the composer for doing an outstanding job! I enjoy playing Final Fantasy games because of the names and absurdly entertaining worlds they create, and this trailer has definitely not let me down.


Now that I've seen all three of the trailers, I'm astounded by the development this game has gone through in only the last two years, especially in terms of graphics. However, the music is still absolutely Amazing and still sounds like a complete masterpiece, ranking right up there with the greatest of the series. I can't wait to play this game at last and read this comment again in the future!


Dancing Alone again, again the rain falling
Since I only started playing the Final Fantasy series this year with FF15, my current all-time favorite game, I can genuinely state that I'm looking forward to playing this game. Without a doubt, as soon as it becomes available, I will place a pre-order. This game will be wonderful even if it is only slightly better than Final Fantasy 15, which I truly adored. With this one, I have a lot of hope.
This looks wonderful in every way. Excellent voice acting as well. So excited to be anticipating a mainline Final Fantasy game once more. Well, it looks a lot better than the last few Final Fantasy games, so I hope this one is excellent. The only drawback for me is that I really don't enjoy action games, but that is a problem with me.


I hope we get to choose which kingdom to support. Alternatively, there may be numerous stories, and by selecting which character to play, etc., we get to witness it from each character's perspective. It will increase the necessary replay value.
I'm not sure if it was the best choice to have Ifrit the major enemy for a second straight mainline release. I've been playing Final Fantasy XV a lot lately, so I'm excited to see what they have in store for us with this new installment. It still looks much better than Final Fantasy XV did. The score and voice acting sound fantastic.


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The fact that an FF game doesn't have a party saddens me, but they really keep insinuating that Joshua will die, and I really am not buying it because even if he does, a Phoenix merely emerges from the ashes. The game seems fantastic, but I wish it had a party. I'm not sure if I can move on from it. I hope it won't be the standard going forward.

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