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As we went over a week ago, Crunchyroll has a lot of new anime coming in this spring, but one of the star attractions is a new series called “Spy x Family.” The series will be premiering this coming Saturday.
Spy x Family follows expert secret agent Twilight, who’s on a mission to protect the world that involves posing as a family man. When you’re an elite spy, you have no room in your life for anything else, so he’s forced to fake it by hiring a poser wife and adopting a daughter. This, he hopes, will help him nudge his way into an exclusive school the kid is now enrolled in, where he’ll get close to a high-profile politician.
There’s just one problem — well, there are two. One is that his “wife” isn’t who he thinks she is — she’s actually an assassin looking for cover herself. The other wrinkle is that the girl they picked to be her daughter can read both their minds, and has known the entire charade from the beginning. This could all come crashing down at any time, but when?

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Faiz Shadow

It is also in Netflix but the Netflix version have no Dub. I mean Netflix takes eternity before they put the dub version of an Anime.