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There are fast-paced, twitchy, edge-of-your-seat games….and then there’s Spring Falls, designed to be as soft and calming a gaming experience as possible. This upcoming puzzler was designed by developer SPARSE//GameDev, which is actually a one-man studio….so let’s call him Mr. SPARSE.
Mr. SPARSE has created a game where your goal is to direct the flow of water as it travels down polygon-shaped mountains. The idea is to create the best environment possible for plant life, so if you can make the mountain blossom with flowers, you win. Onto the next mountain, where the solution will be a bit trickier.
Manipulate the landscape, divert the flow of water, and bring wildflowers to life as you make your way down a peaceful mountainside backed by ambient guitar, organic water and environmental sounds. Flow through 60 hand-crafted challenging yet tranquil puzzles and find your moment of zen.

60 Hand-crafted puzzles
Unique gameplay centred around water flow
Ambient-folk soundtrack and...
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