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Spriggan is that Manga that had a successful run from 1989 to 1996. Hiroshi Takashige wrote with the assistance of the illustrator Ryoji Minagawa.
 It got a cult following longing for a series adaptation. Unfortunately, It never had the Anime adaptation it deserves. It had a hack n slash video game adaptation back in 1999, but that is pretty much it. There was a movie adaptation back in the 90s, but it just became a footnote. People barely remember it like the early 2000s Stardust Crusader movie.
No Anime studio sees its potential to be a full-fledged series. David Production, The Anime studio that gave Jojo the justice it deserves, decided to give life to another legendary manga. Netflix collaborates to bring Spriggan to the screens of Millennial and Gen Z. Spriggan, and its six episodes will be released on...

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Netflix have so many Good anime coming first, Bastard and now this. It is like a great time to be a fan of some 90s manga.