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I got addicted to the song Sunflower thanks to the first movie.
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Miles Morales has made great strides, and it's amazing how much buzz this animated movie has gotten despite the fact that it's an animated movie. It's pretty much impossible to describe the atmosphere that has been created around the characters, the city, and the music. He needed his father's advice in the first movie, and it seems like he needs his mother's advice in the second. The excitement surrounding this film will be fully justified.


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Oh my god, what the bejesus! Words cannot express my excitement for this film; I didn't think Into the Spiderverse could be topped, but this is starting to change my mind. Because it looks so bright, this will probably be the best film of the year or the best animated film of the year. I didn't think anything could top Into the Spiderverse, but this is starting to change my mind. One of my all-time favorite fictional characters is Miles, so I'm thrilled that these films gave him a voice. My interest in this movie has greatly increased with its release. Peter will be able to completely replace Peter Parker once he enters the public domain.


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Another Woke Garbage from M-She-U, Why the hell Spiderwoman is black, Jessica Drew is White in the comics and cartoons. Of all variations of her they chose the annoying pregnant one that has been panned by the fanbase. Garbage! Disney never learned their lesson.


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I will print screen your message to make sure you cannot edit this post when the movie becomes a box office hit. I swear this movie will not flop and you will become the laughing stock. @Maverick

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I have never been more anticipating a movie in all my years than I am right now. Everything about the original, including the writing, acting, and character development, was perfect. Hope this one doesn't let us down! More Spider-Man characters exist than I can even begin to count. Nowadays, very little actually motivates me to visit a movie theater, but this one will.


When I found out about all of the different iterations of Spider-Man that would be featured, I was completely taken aback. In addition to Spider-Man from the Mangaverse, Spider-Man India, and Spidey from Spider-Man Unlimited, I also saw Spider-Man from the Fantastic Four, who took over a fantastic 4 membership after the Human Torch passed away.


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To be fair, I never imagined spider-people would have a hangout like a beehive. I guess they are "one big happy family." Oh my god, I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for this movie. I had a good time with the first one, and I believe this one will be even better! This film looks incredible, but I'm not sure why no one has mentioned the fact that the miserable Peter Parker from the first film is shown carrying a baby in a baby carrier. Because, while I like Miles, he's a pretty flat character considering that every Spider-Man Man is just Spider-Man in terms of the story, I believe the only way for this movie to succeed is to make the villain really good. Going frame for frame and seeing all of the different spidermen that you recognize is fantastic, as I saw with the PS4 spiderman, Spider-Man Unlimited, Spinneret, and Bag Man This trailer is filled with stunning images and easter eggs.


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The trailer is vastly superior to the majority of animated films currently being produced, including animations and visuals; I can't wait to see it in theaters. When the movie's trailer has you grinning and excited throughout its entirety, you know it will be a blockbuster. The sharpness and level of visual detail are impeccable. I admire how well they integrate the various animation styles into a unified whole. As expected, Lord & Miller have produced yet another outstanding film.


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I can't even count the number of Spider-people in this trailer, and I have no idea how many to anticipate in the film. This trailer has just completely blown my mind; this is incredible. Even though it is not yet 2023, I believe we can all agree that this will be the best animated film of 2023. This film, in my opinion, will demonstrate that evil will exist in a world where everyone is good.

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