Comics Spider-Woman Sexes it Down With New Costume

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Oh no! It is the new, subtle, nearly breast-less, Spider-woman! What in the world? I always thought the "in your face sexuality" was way ahead of it's time. Are they going to take away She-Hulk's breasts too? What's next? Will their names flame anti-sexist protesting as they are spin-offs of their male counterparts?


This is kind of suspicious given that Marvel is bringing most of their properties to the big screen. The newest Captain Marvel will actually be a female. Marvel is trying to bring in the female market. Look at the newest variation of thor, it's a chick. I can see how this new outfit for spider woman would work in the theaters.


Make the boots a bit taller, connect the gloves to the jacket sleeves and give her a proper mask and the design would look better in my opinion. It currently looks like a design Marvel or DC were doing in the late 80's and early 90's.


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It looks more realistic and practical not quite as Superhero as it should be. I really don't mind when cleavage is showing but do like when there is more variety in breast sizes. It really looks like the backlash from that cover is influencing them. As a mother, I am ok with the changes since it gives young girls more realistic idols in comics. It makes Spider-Woman look younger - more like Spider-Girl. However, I hope they allow the character to be more flirtatious and to express her sensuality once in a while too. After all, the best female characters are well rounded. The artist in me is upset though since a lot of the appeal of comics is how over the top they are allowed to be.

I am not familiar with Spider-Woman's back story. Is she more of a girl-next-door type this seems to be?

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