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American Gothic Press is a comics-related offshoot of Famous Monsters of Filmland, the original horror movie fan magazine (established 1958). Its editor was involved in the creation of classic horror-comic icons like Vampirella, and the mag still survives in print to this day (though as an annual).
Famous Monsters is now back in the horror comic business with their American Gothic imprint, putting out chilling titles like Killbox, Broken Moon, Monster World, and coming soon….The Hag.
Carl lives out a (relatively) peaceful existence in retirement on the shores of a Texas peninsula. Lately fish have been washing up on the beach mangled up with weird bite marks. Something’s in the water that seems both ferocious and hungry, and when a sudden rainstorm starts flooding the area, there may be no place Carl can hide from its jaws.
Here are the first six pages from The Hag, as well as the cover...
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