Special issue TV buffy meets movie buffy (plot idea)

Hello its me again ,I am writing a new thread to all buffy fans everywhere though im not a fan but i want my idea to be contributed to joss whedon so that he can put it as a special during the season 8 timeline,
The plot will have Buffy who is suddenly transported to another dimension where she meets the other buffy(the Kristy Swanson type pre sarah type) who is now retired from her slaying days,there she'll be out of her retirement by joining with "TV" buffy as she will once again combat her nemesis Amilyn from the 1992 film,It will be a "flash of the two worlds" homage as the "TV" buffy will think of the "movie" buffy as an older sister she never had.
Its title will be called "slayer of two worlds ",The comic book cover for the story will pay homage to the poster of the 1992 buffy film with Kristy Swanson in the form of her 22 year old likeness does a similar pose like the poster :http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/File:Buffy_The_Vampire_Slayer_Movie.jpg,The only difference is instead of oliver (luke perry) it will have Sarah Michelle Gellar (in her buffy role) behind her as if shes is blocking the spotlight.
The second cover will be a parody of the flash of the two worlds cover with both girls racing each other either to save a man from a vampire or slaying the vampire with each other words saying ('ill save you or I'll "slay" you (to the vampire))
and now the story:
Slayer of two worlds
The story will takes place before or during the middle of season 8 where buffy is about to hunt the vampire minion who is trying to devour a victim however before his last breath he used a magic spell sending him and buffyto another dimension which gives him a chance to escape from her while buffy saw two vampires who are about to attack a woman who looks like kristy swanson and buffy battles both as she slayed one of them he didn’t disappear into dust which confuses buffy as she notices that he didn’t show his demonic face as if hes human but pale with vampire fangs, as the other vampire is about to kill buffy for kiling his friend the woman who they tried to prey on killed him.
Buffy thanks her but she doesn’t understand how an older woman killed a vampire like a slayer and she said she is a slayer which shocks her and she asked whats her name was the woman is also named buffy summers which even more shocks the "second buffy" and she understands that she somehow landed in a different dimension where there is a different buffy but in a different appearance,though confused she's excited to meet her alternate counterpart but asked how did she learn the slaying techniques
The first buffy tells the whole plot from the 1992 movie and then she talks about after the end of the movie,the first buffy and her boyfriend oliver still continue's slaying vampires, they got married and got fame as tuff heroes which kids consider them as real life superheroes who only kills the evil vampires , however with the vampire extinction because of their slaying they retired ,own a diner which is also their new home which has themes of her life and her slaying career and even gave birth to their daughter together as a happy family but tragedy strucks oliver died in a car crash though at least he didnt get killed by a vampire which cause the first buffy to take care of difficulties with life.
The second buffy says she would have had a normal life like hers as she says to the first buffy about the plot from the tv series which leads to the plot of season 8. The first buffy was amazed by it because the second buffy has many slayers as an army and has too many comrades and friends.
As the first buffy takes her "second" to her diner which is now closed so that they will talk and find out a way to make the second buffy go back to her dimension it was ransacked and a complete mess and she was shocked as she looked at a ransom note that her nemesis from the first film Amilyn former minion of Lothos who barely survived from the films post end now leads the last remaining vampires kidnaps her daughter who was grown up as a 13 year old girl as ransom and wants the first buffy to settle their score once and for all,the second buffy wants to help her but the first buffy prevents her because she is going to deal with this alone.
The first buffy reaches the site the hideout of amilyn (possibly an abandoned amusement park)where she found her daughter unharmed but her daughter warned her "it’s a trap" as shes comfronted by many vampires including amilyn she felt shes outnumbered but the second buffy saved them both with a weapon a special crossbow which shoots every vampire as the first appreciates the second, they both fight the vampires unstoppable as a team as every members of the vampire gang are dead.

which lives only amilyn but unfortunately as he is about to be slayed he suddenly transformed into mixed breed of both the 1992 vampire genes and the current buffyverse vampire gene with muscles and a demonic face as it is possible that he sucked the blood from the same vampire that send him and the second buffy to that dimension and with that he is unstoppable as he is about to kill two buffys the first buffy daughter throws a stake at amilyns hurt which hurts him more giving the second buffy a chance to use her martial art move on him (a hit the stake on his heart with her leg part) causing amilyn to turn into dust which finally results to his death.
As the first buffy hugs her daughter the second buffy is touched by a mother-daughter reunion but she is suddenly about to go back to her dimension by a unknown force which surprises both girls as the first buffy says thanks her for saving her life ,the second buffy also thanks her because she gave her something she never had an " older sister".
As the second buffy returned to her dimension it turns out willow with a little help from xander and dawn rescued her, As they are finally reunited they wondered why buffy is almost sad but happy ,buffy said that she met an old friend which confused them.
Then we go back to the first buffys dimension as the mother and daughter duo go back to their home,her daughter ask that since she has her mothers slayer genes she might be her sidekick or an apprentice but the first buffy tells her she will still have a normal life since there are no more vampire's however the last remaining members of amilyns gang appears and shocked that their gang is dead that they are about to attack them,the first buffys daughter asked her mother if they can slay them all, then the first buffy with a smile says “sure we can…”, And then we look at the last splash page with mother and daughter that is the first buffy and her daughter charging at the last vampires with the first buffy saying “because the slayer is back in action".

What do you think if its good i hope joss whedon will turn into some special issue with me as a co-writer who made a tribute issue to both the buffy media the original film and the tv series along with the difference i hope itis real .:)
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This sounds like a terrible idea. If they were able to get Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast back why would they ever make a story with Kristy Swanson's Buffy? There are so many more stories that could be explored. I would love to see an Angel movie, his show had the most to be explored
This sounds like a terrible idea. If they were able to get Sarah Michelle Gellar and the rest of the cast back why would they ever make a story with Kristy Swanson's Buffy? There are so many more stories that could be explored. I would love to see an Angel movie, his show had the most to be explored

I said in comic book form not television episode besides the show is ended
you know if i see joss whedon i would like to say these words :"you dont like the earlier first version of your creation buffy because of Executive Meddling then fine!,but this thing i made its about having a little darkness within the lighter tone buffy movie's aftermath,and its about the difference between the one that you dont like and the one you like and it shows about the comparison's between them and what happens if they meet much like flash of two worlds."

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