Mar 20, 2005
*enters thread*

I gots me the Delta Morpher and the Patrol Morpher. You know what? They rock. So they're missing the cell phone and they're half an inch smaller.[sarcasm] Oh god, the pain, it hurts so much. I'd so rather spend $30 extra to get one from Japan. [/sarcasm] Admittedly, the sound is quiet on the Delta Morpher, but oh well.

Seriously the stuff people ***** about every year is so miniscule it's rediculous. (Ex. "The jaw doesn't lock! BA screwed us!") I love my morphers, I can't wait to get the Omega Morpher too.

Now, when it's something you can't get in America, like KR toys, then I'll import.
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Jul 25, 2013
I got me the Shadow Ranger Morpher... it's very pretty and I like it. For extra bells and whistles I did import the Omega Morpher, and I've used all the fun and madness of its quality... maybe three or four times since I purchased it.