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Someone still likes and watches South Park?

It is one of my favourite TV shows, there is just so much to explore in everys episode. They were able to keep the quality of the first seasons and they seem to never outrun of ideas.


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I do :) I watch that TV show nearly every single day at night. I love the new seasons the most, because to be honest the oldest ones are really silly! I'm glad the show has evolved into a more mature one (well made as well). I love the stories... specially the satirical part of them.


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I do to. They can be very hit or miss. But, they still put out some strong episodes here and there and their commentary can be very biting.


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The most impressive thing about South Park is how fast they make each episode, they even made a documentary showing the process, I remember when Obama won the first time, South Park aired the following night with an episode about it and they even had the acceptance speech fully animated with lots of detail.


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'They Killed Kenny!'
'You Bastards!'
Southpark i a cult classic. I love it. The innocence of Butters juxtaposed against the amoral nature of Cartman set the stage for hilarious quotes on the show. I love how the characters made fun of everyone from the Pope to Kanye West. The really push the envelope and it seems to be working. After all, the show has been on air since 1997. I do miss Isaac Hayes distinct voice as Chef though.
Unquestionably, South Park can be quite juvenile and overly scatological at times--but I also consider it to be one-of-if-not-the most biting and fearless satires on TV today! Just consider their infamous episodes skewering Scientology, anti-immigration panic, the pains of modern air travel, iTunes user agreements, the console wars, etc, etc, etc. I dare say that the series is actually improving with time, in sharp contrast to other animated comedies!

As you can plainly tell, my favourite South Park episodes are more sharp, biting satires and parodies than scatological and juvenile. As such, I generally prefer more recent episodes to the initial seasons (and so do Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves).

My all-time favourite South Park episode thus far is Trapped in the Closet, which skewered Scientology by more-or-less simply presenting their core beliefs and indoctrination practices. (It's a true shame that it ultimately resulted in Scientologist Isaac Hayes leaving the show!)

Some of my other favourite episodes include Goobacks, Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers, the Black Friday / A Song of Ass and Fire / Dragons and Titties trilogy, HUMANCENTiPAD, FunnyBot, Crack Baby Athletic Association, Free Willxyz, AWESOME-O, All About Mormons, A Ladder to Heaven, Super Best Friends, and How to Eat With Your Butt.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I salute you!


I've collected every episode from season 9 to 18. I still have to get the earlier seasons. But I love the series and I was very young when it first premiered and I still love it til this day. I just find it hilarious that they poke fun of actual and current events and then put their own little twist on things. Sometimes there is a moral to the story. Cartman is great, but my favorite character is Stans dad Randy. He's funny. The ectoplasm scene was by far one of the funniest scenes I've seen so far in the series.
I need to finished watch up from season...6, I think? Till the current one, just to keep up. I love that show with it's crude humor. It's funnier when little cartoon kids swear compared to real ones. (Yes, surprisingly, there IS something that little kids can do that DON'T look cute.)
I feel the same about "South Park" as I do Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler movies. There is a good one here and there, but as a whole, it's not the best. I admit I still pop in and watch a few episodes of the cartoon a season. It's on it's 17th or 18th season now. This makes it the second longest-running animation of all time, following "The Simpsons". Matt and Trey have come a long way since the days of cardboard cutouts. Once in awhile I will find an interesting, recent episode. I liked the one with Cthulu. I have no doubt it will be around for years to come.