Dekablue25 from RangerReview
Jan 31, 2011
no more heroes for the wii was mature only as well and that game was pretty good.the 3DS may not hurt your eyes but everyone has a different vision in eyes so for some it wont hurt for others it will it just depends on the person.

if you look at it not EVERYONE will buy things asap.some people would wait and just see if it gets cheaper.when sony released the ps3 it was 600 dollars not many will go and buy it for that much and sony lost money cause of that.the 360 was an ok price but the wii was dominating with its price hence the sell out so fast.
Jan 13, 2009
Some people experience eye strain, others don't. But even if you do, it's most likely gonna be a little bit and it should go away after playing the 3DS for a few days because you'll be used to the 3D by then. Like I said, if this was a major issue that happened to everyone, it would be getting a ton of negative reviews like the Virtual Boy, but it's not. It's getting a lot more positive reviews than negative reviews. Hell, I don't think I've seen a negative review so far. Plus you would hear this on the news, and I don't mean on the internet. I mean on TV.
Dec 4, 2010
I'm sure this will help Sony... no one over the age of 8 plays Pokemon, right? Oh yeah, everyone I know does. >_>

im 26 and still playing Pokemon Black, so i think thats wrong, lol

maybe trenton was treaten because it still 1 year before they release the ngp and in the span of that good games in the 3DS will be shown up, and ive enjoying street fighter in my 3DS