[Video Game] Sony ofw 4.45, known to brick PS3

Complaint Thread on PS forums

The new firmware has bricked PS3s, more common with those that swapped/upgraded HHD but is known to brick stocked HHD too.

I have a 250GB Super Slim Infamous/Uncharted bundle (from Black Friday 2012) and it updated fine.

However, stay safe, DO NOT UPDATE!

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*Sigh* and after Sony managed to get the good wills of gamers again too.:redface2:

Makes me glad I decided not to turn on my console tonight. Though I'm hearing reports that Sony pulled the update, so it should be okay to log back on.


Really? I played a little this morning, and I was thinking about playing a little NBA 2K13 this evening too.


I also have the Super Slim (the same bundle), and I updated fine. The only specific model I saw referenced in the forums to have problems is the original Slim model.


Yes, Sony did pull it. 4.41 is now back on the site.
does this means we can dowgrade into 4.41? how?, i was forced to update to 4.45 when i created a new PSN account for DL ing JP DLC's a week ago.

but the PS3 is still fine these few days, i've used it a few days from that update playing Battride Wars and my friend have been playing it up to this day(old games like MK vs DC, Batonetta), no bricking yet, mine is a slim PS3(not super slim) with either 40 or 80 GB stock HDD, can't remember the exact size, but it was pretty small
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I believe Sony will put up a revision sometime this week?

If you're PS3 is fine after updating to 4.45, it's fine. I have 4.45 and it's been fine so far for me.


I had automatic update on, so i was pretty scared, fortunately, Sony pull it off before my console updated.