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Dreek Lass

Ok, so I have run out of TV shows to watch. A lot of the shows that I usually watch have either just finished or they have ended altogether :(

So I am currently desperate. It reached the point where I downloaded Sons of Anarchy, but it doesn't look all that good from what I've seen of it. Has anyone else watched this? If so, is it worth watching?


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I LOVED sons of anarchy. It's really good during the first two seasons but starts to taper off from season 3. But that's with all series' isn't it. It's a little violent but pure in it's storytelling. You can relate to the lead character Jax Teller's struggle to leave a life of crime and go legit. I also like bikes and there are a lot of them on the show.
I hope you gave it a chance. It would be interesting to read about what you thought.

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