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There are songs based on love, both happy and tragic. Some songs about going through hardships or losing hope. There are also songs about reaching dreams. Today I decided to share some songs about real crimes.
Songs You didn’t know are based from Real crimes
I don’t like Mondays by Boomtown Rats

Brenda Spencer was a young teen who struggled with her family and got bullied at school. Most people who know her believe she is a shy, sweet girl, but her abuse caused her to lose her cool. She decided to open fire on instructors and pupils at a school using a rifle. Both deaths and injuries occurred. I don’t like Mondays, and she said when questioned why she committed this horrific murder after being apprehended. Her shooting spree was the nation’s first known shooting. After that, it became an annual custom.
Despite its sinister origins, people adopt this song as an anthem for missing...

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Thanks for ruining "I don't like Mondays" for me. I love that song because it helps me deal with Mondays, Now I just realized its about a murderous teen.


Why people are romanticizing Bonnie and Clyde? They were criminals who deserved how their life ended. Invalid Liter dept is a haunting song because the killings are still occurring in that area.


The Song Zombie by The Cranberries was about the Bombing of Warrington West England. The Cranberries condemned IRA for doing those acts even if they are Irish too. Just because they are Irish, it doesn't mean they agree with the IRA.


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@Gibletsnearby I know the origins of "I don't like Mondays" and that didnt stop me from loving the song. It is how you resonate your song with your life matters. The song "Your Beautiful" by James Blunth is about a guy who is so high from drugs he creeped out a girl in the subway he tried to flirt with. Yet despite of that awful premise, people used it as their wedding song. The Song Mandy by Barry Manilow was often associated with people named and nicknamed Mandy by people who loves them. Mandy is a dog who got incurably sick so her owner Euthanized her.


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I hardly care about songs origin all I want is just to interpret it anyhow it hits, I know little about songs with creepy origin but it doesn't matter as much as it pleases me, I'm good .


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So this Mary Kay Chick is a predator who molested a child and still got her good ending of living a full life and marrying her victim and dying with him on her bedside. People think her story is romantic? Not only she cheated on her ex husband, she stole the youth of a 12 year old from having a normal life.


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I can add a song to the list, The song titled Lorena Bobbit by Aaradhna, It is inspired from real life. Lorena Bobbit is the woman who dismembers the manhood of her husband because not only he cheated on her, he is also physically and sexually abusive to her. She threw away his pee pee outside the window. When she got arrested, the guy luckily got his member surgically restored. Lorena was not jailed because she won the case against her because she was abused and she said its self defense. Lorena is now happily married to a man who is loving. She now helps women who are victims of domestic violence.

I dont like Mondays is actually my Jam because I hate going to school back then. My School life was a living hell. So this song helped me coped.


Bohemian Rhapsody is literally about a Murderer too but a fictional one. He confessed to his mom that he killed a man.