Songs…James Bond Songs

Jan 7, 2014
When you think of the James Bond movies, what comes immediately to mind? Is it the villains? Is it the gadgets? Is it the Bond Girls? Is it the Bond character himself? For me, while all those things come to mind later, immediately, I think of the songs. Music is an important part of the James Bond experience. Whether it’s the instantly recognizable guitar riff that is part of the James Bond theme or the songs ranging from ballads to dance music that accompany the opening and closing credits, a large part of what makes the James Bond movies so appealing is their music.
For this article, I would like to discuss 10 songs from James Bond movies that I personally enjoy. I never tire of hearing them, and I think they’re wonderful pieces of work. If your favorite isn’t listed here, leave a comment and tell me what you think I should’ve included.
1.) Starting the list off, we have Rita Coolidge’s “All Time High”. Most James Bond movies work their titles into the theme songs either directly...

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