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A day after Hollywood was rocked by the cancellation and shelving of a fully complete Batgirl movie, current Warner Bros Discovery CEO Mike Zaslav doesn’t appear to nearly be done. Six films just disappeared today from the HBO Max menu, seemingly never to return. The move, like Batgirl, was a tax writeoff where you declare an investment to be unprofitable and sever all ties with it.
The only good side to this is that none of them are things anyone would particularly miss, among them the Melissa McCarthy “comedy” Superintelligence, Seth Rogen’s An American Pickle, and that vile Witches remake. A remake of the movie House Party was scheduled to appear on July 28 and now seemingly will not, and could join Batgirl gathering dust.
Speaking of movies, you know how some bad guys define themselves as serious threats by suddenly killing off a beloved character? We now have...

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For one thing, They cancelled Legends of tomorrow when all it needed is one last Season. Then they canceled Batgirl even if it is finished. This merger makes me nervous.

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There are rumors that The Flash will be cancelled because Ezra Miller is currently on his early 2000s Lindsey Lohan Phase. He have demons that he needs to fix and he needs professional help. Can they just recast with Grant Gustin instead.
David Zaslav The New CEO reminds me of how Nick Khan tookover WWE and how Perlmutter tookover Marvel. They do not care about the hate he will get from the fans. He canceled TV shows and movies in development and even canceled a finished movie waiting to be in theaters. He also cancelled CNN+ after he tookover. He canceled CW DC shows that are close to being completed and he doesnt care if people gets mad.


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It's been a crazy week of news. Are they also stopping the kid's content like scooby doo, Looney tons, and Tom and Jerry? I really don't understand what happens.
Is it because of debts? I can't understand these moves.