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Snowflake Mountain is a reality show where ten easily offended Woke individuals will be camping in the Mountains to have a touch of reality. These people usually feel like it is the end of the world if they experience a first-world problem. So how about giving them a taste of reality, poverty, and real problems so they will grow up. There will be no parents to cook them meals and no gadgets and WiFi, so they cannot whine on Twitter or TikTok.
The Snowflake Mountain campers will undergo extensive Military and survival training. See grown-up Adults cry like babies because they lost all of their creature comforts. If this show becomes a success, Netflix will never run out of talent to cast. I mean, they are everywhere on the Internet whining about trivial things.
Snowflake Mountain  Official Trailer

These young adults have no basic life skills, and they still live with...

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Netflix you canceled the Society and I am not okay with this but they make this show exist? You may say reality shows are cheap but there are shows cheaper than this that deserves renewal.


Blinding Lights
They should cast those Whiny overweight YouTubers who whine about Disney and Marvel being too woke. I will call them conservative snowflakes. Being a Snowflake is not limited to liberals.

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