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Smile is a simple facial gesture that can make us feel everything is alright. Our brain produces neuropeptides with this simple facial gesture. It helps us fight stress by releasing feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. I grew up hearing songs about how this simple grin will manifest happiness in our lives.
The Smile we talk about this time is the title of an upcoming horror movie. It was initially titled “Something is Wrong with Rose,” but the final title is more straightforward and has more kick.
Written and directed by Parker Finn, This is his first full-length picture after doing some notable short films like Laura Hasn’t SleptUsually, when somebody smiles at us, It makes us feel good because it is like a hug that gives us warm fuzzy feelings, but a grin can also be unsettling. A stranger smiling at us can be creepy and uncomfortable.
Smile Official Trailer


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Small Budget horror movies like this gave me more dread and scares over those high budget CGI filled horror movies. Smile followed some tropes from the Ring but it looks Good.


I'm still a little uncomfortable about that last shot because it was so unexpected. The Neck Breaking Jump Scare at the end made me almost piss my pants.🤣😅 It looks kind of tropey but looks worth my popcorn. I see some borrowed elements from It Follows and The Ring.


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I just hope it's a quality scary film. No allegories, no metaphors...just a horrific beast. I have a nasty feeling that she might be experiencing hallucinations and that nothing she sees is actually real. I want everything to be literal! It felt like an A24 movie, I didn't expect this to be from paramount.


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I feel like watching this scary movie seems like fun. I kind of hate that it immediately hit with the gore - not a fan of movies that go straight in with it. It appears to be a mashup of It Follows, The Ring, and Men.
I don't think I will end up watching it in cinemas, but I'll probably stream it at some point. I like the color grading, though. It's nice to see some bright colors in a film rather than just blue. Also, that last jumpscare got me, but I feel like I'd laugh on a second viewing.


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Jesus, I was totally unprepared for that last moment. She took that thing to a whole new level, contrary to what I had anticipated. I assumed she would simply smile at her. I love horror movies, so I'm excited to see what this one has in store! Due to the cinematography and potential it may have, I'm not sure if this looks absurd or is genuinely interesting.


Why can't the shocks in horror movie trailers be a little more of a mystery? They are giving away the Goods in the trailer. That ruins any element of surprise.

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I got a nagging feeling that that the only way to get rid of the "curse" is to kill someone. Because of this, the only survivor is currently incarcerated. Although I enjoy horror films, I have never before experienced these goosebumps or been frightened in a trailer like that.
This movie will almost certainly end with the main character smiling at the camera. It resembles The Ring a lot. The plot is uncannily similar, with one week to live and a mad dash to "discover" the mystery and prevent it from happening. Even if they might still be completely distinct, it's difficult to miss the overlap in the trailer.