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Another all stars movie:




I hear it is like Sailor Moon. I love Sailor Moon, so hopefully I will like it.

(I just have to get through my entire Sailor Moon rewatch, BFJ, Liveman, Gavan, Ultraman Series, and Batman marathon before I start watching.... So probably around march).


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This anime is mainly for little girls to watch during the morning. But, seeing it that it has a rather high male audience that watch these type of animes, thanks to a source someone pointed out. For how it goes varies just like any continuous metaseries type shows (Kamen Rider and Super Sentai falls in this category as well).


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I wonder which Yonemura we'll get here... Yonemura from when he's a main writer for Kamen Rider or the Yonemura usually seen when he's a secondary writer for everything else?

Rider Yonemura is basically: "Try to throw as many things as possible on the script, all related to the main story, even if some stuff ends up unused in the end" and "make the main character evil (or seemingly evil) by his own choice at some point". Sometimes, it seems like he's trying too hard, but at least he's trying to make some stuff that stands out. Maybe one day he'll get something perfectly, but I still generally enjoy his flawed works.

Meanwhile, secondary writer Yonemura usually just does mediocre or average stuff that tries to feel like what it's expected to be, without any touches of his own (aside from some inconsistencies sometimes...).
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The characters and general theme of the series seem so...upbeat and happy that I find it difficult to imagine any one of the main character's appearing as sort of evil. I could see that one that doesn't have a partner among the group playing that role, but it's also something I don't think would have as much impact if it's not the main character.

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So the first episode is out, and has been subbed by Doremi Subs.

I certanly enjoyed it. Ridiculously bright, nicely animated, and Miyuki/Happy is one of the best characters I've seen in Precure yet, espeically how over the top she acts.

Also, the CG dance in the ending looks amazing. Toei keep blurring the line between CG and traditional animation.

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