Smile PreCure announced


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Considering some of the design elements match these found in the logo and it had been revealed before the logo was... yeah, I think the artwork is, unfortunately, real.

The Analyzer

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I don't mind the designs. They seem to be a throwback to the character designs of the first couple series, which I enjoyed.

Bring on the smiles!

Kaji Motomiya

Another Yes Precure 5 type, huh? So far, we've had 2 > 3 > 2 > 5 > 6 (if Milky Rose counts) > 4 > 4 > 4 > 5.

I've noticed that 4 Precures have been a consistent staple number since Fresh, since it has a balance of team members and character development compared to too much character development, not enough members and not enough character development, too many members to fit into a total of 48-50 episodes.

Design wise, the Precures are certainly different; they do take Yes/GoGo-5 to heart, but they also, I want to say Fresh, but...I haven't watched Fresh yet. But their Fairy reminds me of Chypre and Coffret.


I will never get why people say Yes had no character development. It had lots of it. Even before Go Go it had character growth. Just because a show has 5 cures, doesn't mean they won't do character stuff.

Kaji Motomiya

Oh no, I was just making an assumption. Sorry, I haven't touched Yes-5 yet because I'm SUPER slow on Futari wa. Though, I could be wrong about the assumption.

I based it off of the amount of characters / amount of episodes = amount of character development. I usually feel that the more main characters there are, the more certain characters will have more character development over another. And if there's less main characters, there will be shitload of character development for the main characters, and some important side character to balance it off.

The only time I feel this to be off in my assumption was Suite. Despite the fact that I love it so much because it's a music-based series, I felt that even though they got Hibiki, Kanade, Seiren/Ellen, and Ako, they've focused so much more on Hibiki and Kanade, with Ako catching up, and Seiren/Ellen being a comedy relief (sometimes with Hummy) most of the time. The only time Seiren/Ellen had decent character development was her time as part of Minor Land (first half of the series).

I based my assumption that 4 main characters = equal character development on HeartCatch because they focused on some people who would end up becoming Precures in the future (Itsuki, and then Yuri when she regains her powers) before they became Precures. Especially Yuri, who fought even without her powers to an extent.

So in Smile, if I start watching it before Yes-5, it'll be my first x > 4 (a number greater than 4, in this case, a 5-character series) Precure series.

Kaji Motomiya

You should really watch it faster :p Get to suite :p


lol jk I took a break at when Pisard got killed. I actually liked him. Sucks that he probably won't come back...

Also, according to this blog, this is the cast for Smile Precure.

dream_lemonade said:
Not sure if this information is correct or even official, but apparently this is the Smile cast:

Cure Happy (Pink) – Yuuki Aoi
Cure Sunny (Red) – Ueda Kana
Cure Peace (Yellow) – Nogawa Sakura
Cure March (Green) – Shimizu Kaori
Cure Beauty (Blue) – Yukino Satsuki
Candy (Mascot) – Inoue Marina

I don't know any of them. You may recognize Yuuki Aoi as Madoka from Puella Magica etc. etc., but I know her as Iris from Pokemon Best Wishes.

The Analyzer

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Is that the Pokemon Oshawott in the bottom left corner?

I say I love the character designs. I love loads of colors and Smile seems to deliver it!

Kaji Motomiya

So looking at this and the cast of Yes Precure 5, I can see huge similarities between the two (even read, granted from a Wiki, that it's from the same Chara.Designer of Yes Precure 5). So...why does the red precure always have to look like some sort of badass?


Hmm, I need to catch up on Suite...

The style and mascot reminds me of HeartCatch.

So.... can we expect a DX4 with this? Sure hope so.

Kaji Motomiya

Names are revealed.


Happy (Pink) - Hoshisora Miyuki
Sunny (Red) - Hino Akane
Peace (Yellow) - Kise Yayoi
March (Green) - Midorikawa Nao
Beauty (Blue) - Aoki Reika

You can see the colors in there name spread out among the Hiragana, if not together.
Red - Hino Akane
Yellow - Kise Yayoi (courtesy of Jacky392000)
Green - Midorikawa Nao
Blue - Ao Reika

Nanami Tenkawa

Smile Precure? what a nice name. let' us bring the smile for the sake of Godai-san! that reminds me of Goranger of these five! lol


Smile Precure? what a nice name. let' us bring the smile for the sake of Godai-san! that reminds me of Goranger of these five! lol

Hey, the honor belongs to Kaoruko-san (since her maiden name is Godai but anyway *Godai thumbs up*

I thought this is also a shoutout to Yes! since we will have another 5-girl group so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Have you ever heard about Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage?


Hoshizora Ikue
A girl from the alternate future where Fusion rules the world. Daughter of Miyuki. Transform into "Cure Union", who wields the power of other Precure. She will fight alongside other SmPC.

In short: The Precure version of Kamen Rider Decade

Some villain will cry out "ONORE UNIONU!!!!!"[/HIDE]