Slender: The arrival (Slender Sequel)


Pure, Unadulterated, Badass. (for the screenshots.)

For the people who dont know about the original Slender game:

[HIDE] The original game has you just walking in a dark forest for no apparent reason, trying to collect 8 Pages, Each depicting Crude Notes And Drawings of what the slender man is and what it did to the person who wrote/drew on the notes (brings in a reference to Marble Hornets).

To keep it short you have to collect all 8 pages and you're done. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! let me tell you why: you will be stalked by the slender man. if you are all slow as hell, he will appear and each Note you collect, will lead slender man closer to you. And no you cannot give him 20 dollars so he'll let you do your note collecting.[/HIDE]

Yeah the title says everything, Blue Isle studios and ParsecProductions will be developing this sequel with more levels, a storyline, and better visuals.

The following video is by another Slender-man fan. the information he gives out is solely based on pure speculation from what he saw in the screenshots. what he speculated May or may not be implemented in the sequel. None of what the guy in the video said is confirmed.......Yet. :169: