Skynet, that name made people afraid of robots.
Skynet is a fictional company from the movie franchise  The Terminator . This tech company has pure intentions of making the lives of mankind easier. Robotics is already making strides in many industries in the last decade. Factories have gone automated to save money from labor and have a more efficient and faster production.  Some people had become dependent on virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. A. It is seen as the future because it has been helping us progress as years gone by. I mean self-driving cars could save people from accidents because they can reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads. Even though robotics and A. I made our life better, many fictional films have a negative depiction of them like Mitchells vs. Machines, Irobot, and Ex Machina.
Skynet is a fictional nightmare to people but some people are getting uncomfortable with some...

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Science has really made the human life easier through its more advanced technology that has led to the development of different kinds of robots. However some folks are really afraid of these indications; one of the reasons behind the existence of competition between human labor and the robots.


There was few movies about robot attacking people before Terminator like Logan's Run 1974 or even more popular Space Odyssey 1968 but none didn't frighten people more than Skynet.