Skies Of Fire Collected Edition Live On Kickstarter

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Over the past eight years, writers Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou have been working on a dieselpunk airship adventure comic called Skies Of Fire. The whole story is just eight issues long, but it’s very epic in scale, with intricate art by Pablo Peppino and Bryan Valenza bringing the story to life.
Deep in the Aquilan Empire, a kingdom dominated by old-timey airship travel like blimps and biplanes, there lies a monstrous, never-ending storm called The Expanse. It’s sitting there right in the middle of the kingdom (rather rudely, we might add) and making trade across the land very difficult, especially when planes are the main means of distribution. Things get worse when a group of raiders discovers how to hide out in the Expanse and steal from trade outposts whenever they want. Royal Guard Captain Helen Pierce volunteers to lead a mission into the harsh cloud to find a way to stop them.
Skies Of Fire is a pretty-looking comic, but it’ll be even prettier once the team crowdfunds...

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It is 200 dollars away from reaching it's goal and they still have 29 days left, I can declare this campaign is not a failure and its not even finished yet. They need to add some stretch goals with all the days they have left.