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T-minus 17 days until we get the extremely long missing episodes from Season 4 of Stranger Things. According to recent comments from the Duffers, the delay isn’t Netflix holding the episodes on purpose — they’re really still in the editing bay. A handful of screens were published today from episodes Eight and Nine. I’ll just say right up that they reveal almost nothing about where we last left the characters, with one exception…which I’ll point out when we get to it.

For instance, THIS screen is totally useless. You could have told me this was taken from a Season 4A episode and I’d believe you. Anyway, she’s spent enough time in that underground tube and needs to get out of there.
Some people were complaining that it was a “plot hole” that young El could speak full sentences in the flashback. They were ignoring the much, much larger plot hole...

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Lucas' little sister is now the same age of the original gang one back in Season 1. They grew up so fast. I am interested on what will happen now Nancy and Steve are back together.


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Max may face Vecna again, but given that he already attempted and failed to murder her, I don't think it'll be through possession, and I don't think she'll die because that would contradict the purpose of that dramatic sequence in "Dear Billy." I am so excited with Volume 2! My body is ready!


I thought Nancy is going to die but the pictures you leak means she is okay. I'm not sure if this has seen this before, but do you recall how Will has sung to himself during the first season and managed to stay alive? It's interesting to reflect on that now. I don't think he or Max would die right now. I believe Eddie will play to free Nancy from her curse, and I do not believe anyone will die. It's as if they're all too sad, and it'd be unpleasant. However, they'll most likely get near at separate periods. Let's not kill off the primary characters...keep let's them alive.


In this season like I watch 3 series. They are all spread in three groups and don't communicate. Untiil last two episodes come out, I don't see relation between all of them except history.


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Yeah! It does felt like three different shows. Max and Eleven never interacted this season and they were very close in Season 3. Max could have defended Eleven from Angela.


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I definitely missed Harper, I always thought he would have a happy ending with Stella. Also, Eleven losing her powers wasn't cool.