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Dekamaster is the guy who was, if I remember correctly, HJU's first head "tech guy" (i.e. he was the one in charge of all the technical aspects of the board, and in general, the guy who made everything worked). He was also the guy who made and set up many of the skins that HJU has had/used. Anyway, the "tech guy" job has now been passed on to Web Wizard but obviously, Dekamaster's voice still holds a lot of weight here when it comes to the technical side of keeping HJU running. If he says that you should have fewer problems and that in general, it's better to use, then it's probably a good idea to do so. In this specific case I think it's largely because the cookies generated by are more stable/cause fewer problems than the ones from using

It's like if your doctor tells you that you should exercise more to lessen the risk of getting a heart attack. While you don't "have to" listen and/or follow your doctor's advice...given the alternative, well you get the idea.


♥ 大好き ♥
That's true. If is the one that should be used, will it be changed?

If Keith remembers.

Personally I just find it easier to keep the forums on a separate bookmark link to ensure that I'm using the right one.


Sometimes when you open a link on here in another link it shows you as logged out in the other tab.
Well it shouldn't happen, but that explains it, so thanks.

Some members access the forum using different links.
One is while the other one is

If you signed in on one and clicked on a link which is different directory than where you have signed in, you need to log-in again.
I was on, and so was the link I clicked on. The logout shouldn't have happened.

And the other half of the problem hasn't been answered, is that broken Kamen Rider Kabuto thread deliberately deleted or gone thanks to the hackers?

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