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Ok here's the skinny...

Someone hijacked SC's account and did some major damage. About 2 minutes after I started restoring the themes and removing the hack, the site was broken and my account was apparently deleted. Some others went with it. All I have is the raw log showing the id#'s of the users deleted, there is no easy way to reverse what was done.

What I know about the SOB is they are in or near Istanbul, Turkey, or they are good enough to cover their tracks. I have gone into the database manually and cut the attacker off finally and re-gained admin control. In order to do so, I had to take over an existing account, and chose one that has not logged in since 2005.

At the moment it looks like no one is able to register because the capcha is broken and I am working on fixing that so those who were deleted can get back in as soon as possible. Revisions were not saved by the attacker so the themes have been reverted to the last available version, if something looks off, this is why.

Spread the word.

After poking around a bit, it seems a lot more than registrations is broken. Most significantly so far, is the inability to go past page 1 of a thread, and edit a post. I think I can repair this eventually, but things may go in and out as I work on it...

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Strangely enough, this seems to only happen with older threads. Newer threads seem to be able to go to last page no problem.

There's also another problem when I try to view anyone's profiles, I get this message:
This user has not registered and therefore does not have a profile to view.

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There are alot of broke settings and possible files causing the problems. I can assure they all are easy to fix just take longer for diferent people to do them. I am not speaking on behath of the staff just prior experience.

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Things are getting back to normal I see. Although it still keeps saying I have an unread message o_O

Thanks Wiz as always!


I can't move to the next page to read the replies... T_T Damn you hackers:shakefist
Hope we can get back as soon as possible.

Anyways, I can't get who's SC...


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I thought HJU had the Twitter attack... Anyway, It's good that webwizard got most of the stuff up and running. Is there anything we members can do to help?


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Did they purposely target Admins' accounts? It seems like it.

Dammit, I liked Aoi's sig too.....

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If someone's account was deleted, would they be able to re-register without it setting off flags right?


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The hacker must have gone after the higher ranks, seeing as how they are able to manage the forums and even close them.

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While I can't say that I like what happened, mostly 'cause I was bored the past few hours, there's no point in cursing the hacker or asking to...*reads a post* "shed blood". What's done is done, they had their fun, and the admins have to work hard on rebuilding what is their own. Not much what regular members can do but support and pray things get working soon.

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