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Silent Hill F is coming to PS5. The Silent Hill franchise has been in Limbo for a decade. We are suppose to have the game Silent Hills. This aborted relaunch contains an incredible demo named P.T that players have universally appreciated, which hurts a lot of fans. Silent Hills was a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro so you can imagine why fans got angry. That project’s cancellation by Konami thus infuriated a great number of fans.
Konami Launched the teaser for Silent Hill F. This game replaces  Silent Hills. Rather than a reboot this is a continuation of the mainline story of the Silent Hill Universe. The project is a collaboration with Neobards...

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Who said flowers are not scary? Flowers always reminds me of funerals. The fact this game seem to have flesh eating flowers make it scary.


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I am more of a Resident Evil guy but this trailer looks effing creepy and dreadful.I hope we get some gameplay footage soon. They have a very unique aesthetic I had never seen in a horror game before.


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F stands for Flowers right? It can also stand for female and in the trailer we see the main character might be a girl.

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This is completely crazy and I am loving it. The announcements have surprised me. After ten years of nothing, this is essentially the finest time to be a fan of Silent Hill. It's unbelievable that Ryukishi07 is involved. For those who don't know, he has created numerous other fantastic Visual Novels, such Higurashi: When they Cry, Umineko.

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What a great era for playing survival horror video games! Dead Space, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Callisto Protocol, and more about each of these new games, I'm enthusiastic. In a Japanese setting, Silent Hill? Quite reminiscent to the Game Siren, which was developed by members of Team Silent in the past. It's a home game for them, bro. Some scary Japanese lore and superstitions were previously present in the earlier games.
Horror these says rarely gives me a good scare because I've watched so much horror, gore, and the like. I have to admit that this teaser made me feel really uneasy because of the way her face ripped off or the way those flowers burned her skin and spread their vines all over like an illness. It appears as though her head split open to allow the flowers to come out. Oh, yeah, and the music is orgasmic to my ears!


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This one has me very thrilled, especially with Ryukishi07 on board. That was, to put it mildly, a wise hiring decision by Konami. I like the way her face falls off at the very end, giving it a Shintaro Kago vibe. I dig the fact that games now frequently feature dark or slightly upsetting artistic elements.

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Konami, I want this game already! Props for what appears to be a completely unique concept rather than a repetition of the same themes and ideas that the cover band games tried to do. Looks fantastic! Additionally, the Japanese adaptation of the Silent Hill theme is superb!
It seems more like a Fatal Frame than a Silent Hill, which is strange. In any case, it's a fantastic teaser. Who knew roses could make me feel so terrified? Additionally, there is a trypophobia warning at the conclusion for those who got, like me. I think they decided to go for a different vibe on this game so it wont compete against Silent Hill 2 remake.


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Many folks on Twitter seem to be upset that this game doesn't actually take place in Silent Hill. While I do desire a new Silent Hill game that transports us back to the sleepy lakeside village. as a devoted follower of Silent Hill. I'm looking forward to this game. I hope this brings the series back and gets Konami back on track.


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We are now in a timeline where 5 Silent Hill Games are in development. What a turn around we are having now. I thought we are completely abandoned by Konami and they will stick with mobile games and Pachinko Machines.


Silent Hill is mostly located in Maryland in Maine so it is interesting this game is set in Japan and what is its relation to the mainline Silent Hill. Its in 1960s so this a prequel. i have a feeling one of the Survivors of this game will migrate to Maryland.


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I want a real Silent Hill 1 remake, Shattered memories felt like a reimagining and not the real deal. I also want a Silent Hill 3 remake.


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Perhaps the most intriguing announcement from the Silent Hill Showcase is Silent Hill F. As excited as I am about the release of Silent Hill 2 Remake and Silent Hill in general, the trailer for this game is quite intriguing .Silent Hill is one of the best horror games along With Haunting Ground & Clock Tower 3. Japanese horror/folklore has given us the best survival horror. I like how it's being blended with Silent Hill right now. Can't wait and will be there for you!


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I think they canceled Silent Hills because this looks like a more fresh idea while Silent Hills have Konami paying money to expensive directors Kojima and Del Toro. Silent Hills is also a complete reboot while this one is in the same Universe and original timeline.


I never would have thought that Ryukishi, of all people, would be the one to create a Silent Hill game. I'm a little concerned that NeoBards will be the developers, but I'm really most looking forward to this. I assumed he would continue to create visual novels indefinitely. The graphics in this is stunning beyond my wildest dreams.
Japanese Folklore and horror always goes well together. My dreams of seeing a Ku-on sequel will never happen but this is something that can fill that void for me.

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