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Silent Hill 2 remake trailer surprised the whole world. Fans feel glorious because a year ago fans of the franchise thought it is dead. Why? Konami has been alienating its fan base by trying to concentrate on mobile games and Pachinko machines for the past ten years. Even the much anticipated Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Silent Hills series rebirth got canceled because of reasons unknown. Konami is now making amends by introducing 3 Silent Hill Games, with the other titles being Silent Hill f and Silent Hill transmission. Konami has been disrespecting and offending fans for years. When opposed to the early 2000s, when everyone wanted to play FTP shooters, Survivor Horror games are currently popular.
Since Silent Hill 2 is the most well-known entry in the series, a remake makes sense. For the Nintendo Wii, Silent Hill 1 has previously been remade as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. If this will sell...

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As soon as Silent Hills was canceled, I was inconsolable and distraught. I once tweeted Capcom to ask them to buy the franchise since I detested Konami so badly. I'm glad Konami changed its mind about Games and chose to resume creating video games for consoles. They are delusional if they think Pachinko can keep them in business. I am glad they are back to games.


Silent Hill 2 is the first Game in the series I ever played. After that I played all sequels. The only game in the series I never get to play is Silent Hill 1. I want to see A Silent Hill 3 remake next because Heather is my favorite protagonist of all time

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They Remade version of the game I played as a kid! I've been hoping to see a remake of the original three Silent Hill games ever since Silent Hills was canceled, and I'm delighted it finally happened. I am so excited because I never thought this day will come. Silent Hill 2 is the best Game of the series and now a new generation will get to play it.
I'm both excited and concerned. Konami released a large number of new game announcements at once, in addition to the movie revival. Will quantity triumph over all other forms of quality? Konami is very capable of making a mistake, as they have amply demonstrated in the past. I am crossing my fingers and toes that they will not mess up again.


The absence of tone and atmosphere is the biggest worry despite the excellent visual design.
This appears to be very polished and perhaps has a cinematic quality that is too American.
We can only hope that the gameplay matches the original's vibe while being significantly improved. Silent Hill is suppose to be gritty, unsettling, maddening and chaotic.


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Konami must so tired that of being called the most hated videogame company and getting booed on Gamescon. Finally they get into their senses. I am shocked that there is now 5 Silent Hill Games in development. After years of getting nothing they are now pouring money to this game franchise they tried to kill. They need to stop trying to make Pachinko happen. Games give them billions of dollars. Pachinko only have a market in Japan.


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Wow they made James looks like an ugly version of Leon Kennedy. He looks more handsome in the ps2 version.

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