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Screen name : Kamen Rider Kagito
Hair : Black w/ a blue tint
Eyes : Coal Black
Hero Name : JustiShadow AKA ShadowJuster
Signature Call : Elemental Shadow Justice! ShadowJuster!
J-Changer : Nin-Knuckle Juster
J-Changer Design : Two Knuckle Gloves, Red and Gold.
J-Weapons : Nin-Knuckle (Charge Bracer and Blade Fist Modes),
Sword of Sasuke's Dragon Blood, Ninja's Bag of Tools.
Ninja Arts:
Chakra Control,
Speed Boost,
Power Boost.

Light Justice Form: A white Recolor of Great.
Finsher: Strident Slash

Great Justice Form: A Ninja Suit with a Vest, Knight Visor, the Nin-Knucks
then Leg and Arm armor. Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Black, Sliver, Gray.
Has 3 Sub-Modes.
Finsher: Super Strident Slash

Great Wind Justice Form: a Blue Recolor of Great.
The Wind Sub-Mode of Great Justice.
Finsher: Gust Slasher

Great Strike Justice Form: a Yellow recolor of Great.
The Electric Sub-Mode of Great Justice.
Finsher: Multi-Slasher

Great Blaze Justice Form: a Red Recolor of Great.
The Fire Sub-Mode of Great Justice
Finsher: Flametonung's Fury

Final Justice Form: Great Blaze Justice Form w/ flame desings. Colors are
simmular to Mebius Burning Brave. The Combonation of the Blaze, Strike,
and Wind Sub-Modes.
Finsher: Final Fury



Yeah no problem. Wish we'd get some female members to diversify the team.

I should have the first post ready next week ^^


Well... I'd like it if you would design a Light Justice and Great Justice Mode, and have Wind, Strike and Blaze be special property of the Great Justice Mode. Keep Final Justice as an upgrade for later on into the story. If you do that then you're in!

Lovely design Xin :p you gonna be our resident UraRyo?

lol thanks Undrave, btw what is resident UraRyo ... well i had some neat ideas for JustiHeart. Eventually there will be hearts of red shifting to hearts of darkness and also fyi JustiHeart has the ability to heal:thumbs: more to be revealed when the RPG starts ...can;t wait for it hehe ..


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UraRyo is Den-O's version of Drake. He's wondering if you're going to flirt with all the ladies.


UraRyo is Den-O's version of Drake. He's wondering if you're going to flirt with all the ladies.

ohh..i have yet to watch Den-O..thats why i dun understand
I not sure yet, but UraRyo character is not bad hehe ...


Multiply times 10? Huh?

Anyway I'm taking suggestion for the name of our spaceship base.


Hmm... I could always ask Keith XD in the concept of the story it would be him who would give a name to the ship...


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a new hero appears! JustiBrave!

Woo Late entry :sweat: I hope it's still okay.

Screen name: Vigi-Kami (Or just Vigi, or Kami, or VK, or whatever... Nicknames are preffered)
Hair: Wavy Brown Shoulder length Hair. Sometimes uses a pony tail. Has a small Goatee .
Eyes: Brown
Hero Name:JutiBrave
Signature Call:Couragious Justice! JustiBrave!
Themes: Bravey, Lion, Light

J-Changer: J-Lion (Or Leo for short)
J-Changer Design: A Griffon with a lions head.
J-Changer special attack:
Reflective Light - Emits a field which blocks enemy fire with a chance to defleclt back towards the Attacker.
Glory Chevron - A Charged Energy shot in a delta shaped wave. It's spreaded triangular shape allows for hits on multiple targets that are close together.

Light Justice Mode :
A yellowie orange suit with White Belt, Gloves and Boots. The Gloves and Boots Have a band at the top that is a dull yellowie gold. There are oval shaped patches with a white border on The hips and upper arms. The chest is covered in a lightly padded vest that has a square gap in the middle.The Helmets mouth is uncovered and has a visor in a 'U' shape that mimics a mouth and has a pair of red eyes just above it along with a pair of triangular ears which jut out of the top. It is Orange in colour with a yellow triangular shape on the top. When the J-Changer merges with the cummunicator watch it changes into a lion head shaped Bracer that covers the left arm.

Great Justice Mode :
The jem is seperated from the back of the lion bracer and slots into the gap in the middle of the vest. That causes the lion to change into griffon form. All the heavy cloth changes to acctual armour, including the gloves boots and Vest. The Yellow bands on the boots and gloves change to a golden colour and the chestplate grows a pair of golden shoulder pads. A pair of white sleeves with gold trim slide down over the upper arms and white armour plates appear on the sides of the upper legs. The helmets triangular yellow patch grows into a full Golden mane that covers the whole helmet, and a mouthpeice takes shape; though it is optional and can be removed. A pair of white 'wings'(Capes) with golden trim slide out from bhind the shoulder plates and drop to calf height.

Weapon : Justice Fang (a more 'sentai' version of the sword used by the spartans in the movie 300. Also much bigger.)

Finishing Attack : Spectral Roar

Light Justice and Great Justice.

Coloured Vector.

Woo! I've been working on this one for a bit. I don't know if I'll be able to play alot, but I'll do what I can.

So am I in?


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I'm really having trouble coming up with an idea for my first post.

Undrave, could you give me a hook like you gave Xin, where I get a call or something? That way I can do an intro adventure then join up with the main storyline.


I'd like o take this opportunity to remind everybody that I still take entry. So if anybody is still interested in joining...

Furthermore before you guys start making too many things up I just want to say that I plan on calling the form after Great Justice 'Unlimited Justice' in honor of this place.

And also don't forget to use phasing. We don't want too many public battles kay?


I came up with a catchphrase! Like the Imagins in Den-o. It's hilariously ironic:

"You don't deserve to hear my cool catchphrase!"
"Scum like you don't deserve to hear my cool catchphrase."
"I won't bother saying my cool catchphrase, you'Re not worth it."

Fun no?


Screen name: Skinwalker
Hair: shoulder length, spikey, brown.
Eye: cobalt blue
Hero Name: Justihowl (Grayson Wolfe)
Signature Call: The swift justice rising through the night! Justihowl!
J-Changer: J-lone
J-Changer Design: A blue and silver mecha wolf (similar design to the gekiranger beasts)
J-Changer special attack: Blue flurry- fires a flurry of rapid fire energy blasts at the enemy.
Light Justice Mode : A silver suit with a wide blue cross across the torso. The helmet is in the shape of a wolf's head; the wolf eyes are bright blue, and the visor black. The suit is streamlined in shape, and has a long blue cape with a silver trim.
Great Justice Mode : Claws extend from the knuckles of Justihowl, and the suit keeps the same colour scheme and pattern while becoming more armoured. The helmet becomes more lupine in shape, looking more feral. The cape is discarded.
Weapon : Staff of justice- a six foot long staff/ bo weapon, black with a blue tribal pattern all along it. Both ends are in the shape of a wolf, and a switch in the center of the staff allows Justihowl to extend metallic blue blades from the wolves' mouths.
Finishing Attack : Vanquishing leap- he attacks the enemy with a swift combo attack, so fast he is almost a blur, then backflips a few yards backwards, and uses the staff to propel himself high up into the air, descending to land with a powerful strike.


Catchphase : Here's a game and Hearts is the name...

(waiting for someone to save my butt or else i gonna burst into another form lol )


Catchphase : Here's a game and Hearts is the name...

(waiting for someone to save my butt or else i gonna burst into another form lol )
Let's see if we can bring life back to this thing! I'll just write something ws up to help you, then I'll write JuiBouken and I finishing off that Bison monster and we can move on to the plot line I've set up and try not to get too scattered around. A little focus wouldn't hurt.

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