Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Shinobi 36: "Kinji The Magnificent Superstar!"

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Mar 20, 2012

You fools! It was me all along!

This week the MotW is voiced by the same voice actor who played Ninjaman back in the day, Kinji has to face his own weaknesses and is rewarded with a poncho power-up, Gekiastsu DaiOh gets to sit in the lion chair (oh hey, it's arms do move!) and Tsugomori blasts off like Team Rocket.

Next week: LARPing!
Apr 13, 2011
Heh Larping. The previews keep reminding me of Hero Yoshihiko, though I can't seem to recognize any Dragon Quest references this time around.
Jan 19, 2013
- Whoa, a big monster right away at the start. That's rare.

- At this point in the series, you know using just the original 5 mecha, especially when it's a big monster right away, will never work :laugh:

- LOL, I like how Oboroguruma flattened Shurikenjin by flattening the screen :laugh:

- The moment the Ninningers are running back into the building, the very same Tsugomori is in, I immediately knew what will happen next :laugh:

- Big first, small next? Now that's extremely rare.

- Get On Up......a reference to that movie?

- is it just me or did Haoh Gekiatsu Daioh's first transformation doesn't have the impacting feel that Haoh Shurikenjin had? :sweat:

-I wonder why Shishio didn't comment at all about Gekiatsu Daioh.

- Tsugomori is blasting off for the first time!!! *twinkle*~ :laugh:

- Super Kin~ xD

And lol, I like how O-T modified the font for the next episode title just to match the plot of the next episode.
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