Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Shinobi 24: "Summertime! The arrival of the Western Yokai"

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Tsumuji just wants to have a fun day out with his daughter for once. The team scrambles to ensure that their trip to an amusement park isn't disrupted by the arrival of the first of the Great Western Youkai: a moe-loving Frankenstein's monster who is also out to enjoy himself on his Japanese vacation. Cue monsters buying body pillows, Bison King Drago and Kasumi rollcalling for two.


- ......the dad and two kids at the beginning that Tsumuji saw.....aren't they the ones in Nagi's Triple Mix illusion on the previous episode? :laugh:

- LOL Franken loves moe stuff :laugh:

- Those yakiniku meat makes me hungry :sweat:

- Too bad Bison King Drago didn't get to do anything, it looks like an interesting combination.

- Nice, Taka actually think for once. Reflecting the beam is indeed the best counter. Love the Transcendence theme as well.

- .......did the storyboard staff really include Surfermaru just for that? Seriously? :sweat:

- I really like the interaction between Ariake no Kata and Kyuuemon in this episode.

- .......having the OP theme AND the Ha-Oh Shurikenjin fanfare at the same time really isn't the best idea :sweat:

- The role call is funny :laugh: Though the oval-shaped insert photo of ShiroNinger feels out of place......perhaps it's because it feels somewhat too formal.


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Franken's whirlwind tour of Tokyo Japan was hilarious!

Too bad he got taken down so quickly. I would have like to see the Ninninger struggle more while fighting the Western yokai...

Franken's item is a lightbulb, so his power is to flash machines in order to stoplight them
(although yeah, it's reminiscent of Mach's stop signalbike)

Edit:just remembered Franken could only stop machines.
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