Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, episode 12: "Ultimate Battle! Miracle Combination!"

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Mar 20, 2012
"So, even as it was alien technology, I teached very carefully and you will understand absolutely"
Somehow I don't think I will. :sly:​

This episode, Grandpa literally wrote the book on creating mecha, Starninja is the only person who didn't get the memo that the world revolves around the red ranger, the Ninningers beat their first end-of-level boss, and King Shurikenjin makes his debut. Oh and grandpa <spoiler censored>
Jan 19, 2013
Feels kinda funny seeing the name Yayoi again in Sentai so soon after the last one, especially since the last one is a Sentai heroine......

King Shurikenjin's chant is awesome, and I like how the chant just keeps on going while the rangers are talking in the cockpit :laugh: WASSHOI YEE-HAW! Splendid Ninja!

The throwback to that early episode is also great, I never thought they'll mention it again.

Also, it's hilarious how the book is in English, and Kasumi reads it as if it is in Japanese :sweat:
I actually want to read that book, seems like it will be a good read. I love reading all the explanation for a mecha.
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Feb 17, 2014
Feels kinda funny seeing the name Yayoi again in Sentai so soon after the last one, especially since the last one is a Sentai heroine.......
It's probably a mistranslation since i saw a forum post that said the japanese subtitles actually said Izayoi.
May 9, 2015
Anyone watch 13 yet? Fighting scene so boring, just finisher and then finisher :D
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Jun 15, 2008
Nin 12:

- Apparently it's super easy to create a giant robot and super tech. Just follow an old crazy ninja's book!

I also don't like this "collection" goal of his. It feels like a retread of some other Rider/Sentai character, only hollowed out of any meaning. Maybe if he wanted to defeat Yokai to prove his worth as a student, I might like it. But it seems he's just interested in getting their photos. What a hero -___-"

- With all the toy-peddling, I'm surprised we haven't seen Rodeomaru piloting Shurikenjin, or Shinobimaru riding Bison Buggy.

- You could at least put on some new clothes, Taka.

- Where did those sealing shurikens come from?

- Way to ruin a death scene, Kyumon. You're almost at Liveman 46 level.

- I like how everyone panics and scrambles back into position when Raizou gets his bone sword.

- I'd like to see Rodeomaru piloting BisonKing (moving its legs like pedals or something) the way Shinobimaru pilots Shurikenjin.

- Why did Shinobi jump out of its chair during the King Shurikenjin combination only to jump back in?

- Raizou's back to calling Taka "red guy"?

- Did Yoshitaka teach Kyuemon knowing he was a demon? Or did he have a disguise?

I suppose though this explains how Kyuemon has Nin Shurikens.

- Next episode looks dumb.